Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun and Games in Tucson

We were looking at real estate one afternoon.  While Paul was getting into the lock box I took this with my iPhone.... I especially liked the way the light and shadows interacted in this geometric pattern.  Cool eh?  

A family of seven javelinas came thru the Del Lago golf course at Vail... hard to get a closeup with an iPhone.  But it was really great to get as close I could.  Shirley said I was lucky...  they could have charged me... but I told her they let me take their picture for no charge.

Lorne, Dave and Ted golfed with me at Del Lago in Vail... very nice golf course.  And a brand new community here south east of Tucson.

Shirley took a few photos of me and Reilly playing pickle ball with Lorne and Lena.  I have played almost every morning for 2 hours or so.  Good exercise.

Tradition here is at the end of every game we touch our paddle handles with each other and say, "good game."

One of my most favourite golf courses is the Arizona National.   We were teamed with this couple for the round who are also wintering in Tucson.  You can click on the link to see last years flowers and birds on this great golf course.

These orange flowers... aloe saponaria are on several of the tee boxes.

This was the first cactus blossom this spring.

Last year when I play at Arizona National it was a month later... mid to end of April... and the cactus flowers were in abundance.

My good friend Lorne offered to take pictures of me several times... but when it is so bright outside one cannot see that your finger is over part of the lens.  I still love this shot!  There are lots of great valley views from Arizona National.  

On this Par Three hole we have to shoot over several cactus...

But not everyone gets their ball past this big Saguaro.

aloe saponaria 


  1. soak up all the sun you can as there is not much up this way!! great pictures,

  2. That last picture is hilarious!

    And the first picture is lovely too... great green!


  3. Love that big saguaro...remember golfing where there were balls in trees and cactus. The iphone takes pretty good photos, doesn't it? That is handier than the big camera.

    Good photos with great stories.