Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Campbell Bay... What a Treasure!

This time when the kids came home I suggested that we introduce them to some new waterfront places to explore.  I found it hard to believe that it took us almost 13 years to discover this gorgeous clean beach at Campbell Bay!

The sun makes all the difference to the colour of the water.

It didn't take long for Lucy and me to start swinging on these ropes in the trees. What a hoot!

Soon Sherilee got in the swing of things too!

 We discovered those dark patches in the water near shore were schools of fish.

These little fish were no more than six inches long... but there were hundreds of them.

About the same time I saw an eagle swoop down checking out fish at the other end of the bay.

This bird had breakfast on his mind!

Soon most of the group were climbing on the rocks and looking for adventure.

Everybody was doing whatever they wanted to do. Exploring and taking pictures. Maizy said she saw a mink running on the beach in the rocks... but it was too fast for anyone to get a photo.

Looks like Kim is ready to take the plunge!

Shelby took this shot of his sister walking along the log.

Then Sherilee took this of Seth keeping his balance walking the log.

There were so many places to explore.  Shelby and Lucy started off on a little adventure that took them to a sea cave!

Shelby sent me these great shots of his adventure with Lucy.

Seth and Sherilee also made it to the sea cave where Shelby captured the memory.  Cool cave, and great capture!

Sherilee took a couple of photos of these sea caves. Very interesting how these shapes evolved here.

There were two caves side by side and as you can see from the shot of Sher and Seth in the first photo above... and they are pretty good size.

Sher's photo of her brother Shelby, taken from inside the sea cave.

Shelby's shot of Lucy. Priceless.

One of the best shots of the day... this selfie of Shelby and Lulu from inside the sea cave.  Was this a fun adventure?

I don't know if these girls were taking selfies... or taking shots of each other!

But one thing is sure, they were really getting into it!

This was one of Sher's best shots of Kim!

Sher and Alan selfie.

Seth and his mother... selfie.

I had both my iPhone camera and my Nikon... so by the end of the day had over 200 photos to sort thru. But to me the best shots are the ones that everyone else took. Thanks for sharing them.

Seth discovered this little starfish up on the beach behind a rock... Shirley had to examine it but quickly put it into the water.

Silly me. I can be happy to take more photos of interesting rocks. These numerous holes are called vesicles... caused by air bubbles in the mix when the rocks were being made.

Seth and his mother enjoy a hug... and what a delightful place for a hug! One can never have too many hugs.

It's hard to know with these new cel phone cameras if one is taking a selfie or shooting you!

But its easy to see that we were having a lot of fun at the beach together... and the cameras were always on the ready.

I took a few shots of all the kids and grandkids sitting on a log by the bay.

Shelby and Kim.

Seth with Sherilee and Alan.

And this is Grandma and Grandpa... celebrating 50 happy years together. Where does the time go?

The best treasure of Campbell Bay is the memories that this day holds for each of us. We all had a lot of fun here together.

I overheard Kim say as we were putting things together to head out,

"This is for sure a place I want to come back to again!"