Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hiking Behind the Uplands

This morning we decided to take our walk early... before breakfast... before it got too hot out.  This is a hike on a trail adjacent to the west of our property with easy access gate out the end of the street in Sage Glen next to us.

When we broke over the ridge behind the Uplands, Shirley stopped for a drink of water... and we paused to enjoy the view of Okanagan Lake.

A little further along the trail we could see back into Lake Country east. The early morning sun cast shadows on the hillside.

It seemed like a good spot to take a panorama photo.

Two chipmunks warned me that I was getting too close for comfort... and before I could snap my first photo, one of the little rascals high tailed it out of sight.

On the same rock Shirley stopped for another water break.

View of Woods Lake... south of Lake Country town centre.

I was surprised to see a power line coming up the mountain to the top where it appeared the only event here was a safety light... maybe a flight path marker.

There was an obvious 4-wheel drive trail to the top... and Shirley found a large smooth rock that she treasured enough to carry it back to our RV.

From the top looking back to the north-east and Duck Lake.

The morning sun reflected off the sharp barbs of the security wire atop the chain link fence.

Another shot of Duck Lake from near the light tower.

All these little bits of rock were likely brought here with a mind to make a cairn or something.

Nearby was this cairn.

Back-lit dead leaf of the spring blooming Balsam Root flower.  They say these are not easy to transplant... as they have roots that go up to eight feet deep.  But I like them so much I am ignoring that counsel and hoping to be successful anyway.  They say that to start them from seed it takes more than five years before they have their first flowers.

We hike in total privacy until we were nearly back home... and then we met a lady taking here dog for  a walk.

I found a perfect quote for the today.

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." -Thoreau