Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where do you find Art?

This morning on the ferry I downloaded over 1800 photos from my iPhone onto my MacBook Air... and the rush of memories was overwhelming.  There were several photos that I have never shared, so decided to randomly share some of them with you today... many of them deal with art and design or sculpture.

We don't often get a foot of snow overnight here on Mayne Island...

But next time it snows here, our car will be sitting nice and comfy under the protection of the carport.

Last year Seth and I rigged up a makeshift pickleball court by tying a rope between the door handles of two cars!    Notice Dante anxious for a chance to get a hold of the ball!

A few months later our new carport/studio project was under way. Our little tractor saved having to lift the concrete up into the highest forms.

Notice how happy Shirley is to have her car in the new carport... even though the deck above does not even have plywood here... Shirley could hardly wait to have a nice place to keep her car tidy.

Last year we went to Abbotsford to see Cirque du Soleil with my sister Rose and Morian... while there they took us to see this most incredible sanctuary in Mission, BC.  Did you know that the city of Mission got that name because of the Catholic monastery, which was there long before this new church was built.

In my humble opinion this is the most awesome sanctuary in Canada.  You can feel the reverence the moment you enter the place.  I found it so amazing how they used concrete and glass so beautifully. To see this place was one of the most significant events in my life last year.  It made building my new carport see like child's play.

We seldom are in Victoria late enough to see our parliament buildings at night.  Kind of magical, eh?  It's like Christmas all year long here.

Shelby took us to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island last year... it was spectacular!  What a great place to go for a walk!

Shelby's family picture taken on the front patio of the residence on the Bloedel Reserve.

This is a silhouette selfie... a shot of my shadow on our Heck Hill driveway.  You can see the big truck tire treads in the shadow area.

Another selfie!  This is caught in the reflection in a sculpture.

This is the sculpture where I took the previous selfie... there were several very unusual sculptures along the waterfront in New Orleans.

Here is the work of Aagam... It is the Holocaust Memorial.

As you walk around this piece you can see how it changes... and it all has meaning.

It would be easy to do a whole blog post just on this one sculpture.  Do you see the menorah?

If I ever get back to this city, I would plan to spend more time here. I just loved this piece of work. Now that I have seen the website that outlines the symbolism, it would mean a lot more to see it again. You may like to check out this website on the Holocaust Memorial. It gives ten views with their meaning.

New Orleans had these little poodles decorated by different artists... they were all over the city.  It was much like we've seen in Victoria with the Orcas and the bears and the eagles.

This is one of the orcas that still stands in front of the restaurant at our ferry terminal in Sidney.

You can find art almost everywhere... and at times you least expect it.  This little boy was in Target store in Tucson.  I could not believe the detail and accuracy of the work... so I talked to his dad and asked him who did it.  Turns out the dad has been doing this for a couple of months, and each time he has been getting better and better.  Can you imagine how perfectly still this little three-year old boy has to sit?  Pretty amazing.