Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pirates Invade Treasure Island

This past weekend our family all converged on us... dressed as Pirates, looking for loot here on Treasure Island.

I prepared a Treasure Hunt with 16 different clues (poems) which led the pirates all around our property.

Several of the clues had the pirates looking for concretions in the sandstone rocks. Here you can see Sherilee finding a group of ten concretions and the clue for the next treasure.

Don't know what a concretion is? I didn't either, so google it up.

What is a concretion? These round holes in the sandstone bedrock are concretions.

Originally they had round stones in them... but over the centuries most of them fell out and rolled away.

Reading this clue Sherilee didn't know that Kim was shooting it on video... and what a hoot!

When doing the rock facing on the carport posts I used all manner of unusual rocks.

I put this concretion ball into one of the columns.

When I was cutting strips of rock to take the top off this boulder, I accidentally made a discovery.   I didn't realize that a concretion could be in the middle of rock... not just around the outside.

A round ball rolled out when I broke off this strip of rock... it was a concretion rock inside the larger rock!

So I saved the pieces so I could show this interesting phenomenon of concretions.

Sometimes concretions are small..
Sometimes they are large...
Sometimes they are inside the rock.

Sometimes it’s a ball…
Sometimes it’s a socket…
Sometimes the ball is in the socket... like the example in the photo.

The rock above, on the waterfront below the light house at Georgina Point Heritage Park, shows a couple of concretion balls still in the sockets... and a few that have fallen out.

Lucy may have been the youngest, but she was not the slowest... and she was first to find several of the clues. This location had five concretions... see the sockets behind Lucy.

It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed the treasure hunt... but none more than Lucy! She loved to find and read the clues.

Shelby with Sherilee and Alan in background.

Shirley, the smiliest pirate.

Kim reading the clue at Maizy's fort with an English accent.

Alan got the reward for finding a concretion that I did not include in this Treasure Hunt! He found one close by Maizy's fort.

Sherilee got the prize for getting several photos of this little brown wren close to her home in the birdhouse.   There were clues hidden in other birdhouses... but not this one.

Grandma with her two grand daughters.

How do you know Maizy loves cats?

 Kim helping Lucy get dressed for the Treasure Hunt.

These gorgeous parrots were reluctant to go outside on the hunt... afraid of the threat of rain.

Grandson Seth with his hook, and Lucy show off their costumes.

Great smile Maizy!

Father and son... a scary team!

A BIG thank you to Sherilee, Kim, Shirley and Shelby for sharing their photos with me... This blog would not be as complete without your photos.

I failed to take photos of all the prizes... which included personalized  gift bags with treats, Cheezies, Goldfish snacks, Kinder Eggs, chewing gum, personalized note pads, and little goodies... small tools and books.

"Work like a Captain... 
     Play like a Pirate!"

More hunting for treasures around Treasure Island as we check out beach access locations next... and keep on celebrating our 50th Anniversary with our family.