Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Four -Cayman Island

One of the highlights of our stop on the Cayman Islands was HELL.

This rocky formation was all it took to make this spot in the Caymans HELL... it reminded me of the Devil's Golf course in Death Valley, California... except it is only an acre or two... compared to several hundred acres in Death Valley.

I think the biggest difference between the Hell here and Death Valley, is that these guys have commercialized it more...

They even have a government Post Office...

and an ESSO filling station... I included just for Marilyn!

I knew that if this was really HELL, Satan would not have allowed this message on the other side of his barn!  As our tour bus was backing out to leave the driver said to us, "Let's get the Hell out of here!"

Once one has been to Hell and back, to see the Governor's house was a little anti-climatic.  But the Caymans are still reluctantly under British rule.

We all got free samples of fresh rum cake... in the hopes that we would want to buy some gift packs to take home.  Not that it wasn't really good... but I passed on this offer.

I was just as content to take a few extra photos outside the Bakery of this famous rum facility.

I had the choice to go the Turtle Farm for $10. or watch the dolphins across the street for free... so since I had seen dolphins before I went to the Turtle Farm.

And to my surprise I saw a lot more than turtles here.  Immediately I thought of my grand daughters when I took this photo of mother hen and her two chicks.  Aren't they so cute?

Speaking of cute, once inside the farm gates this handsome iguana poised for me on the side of the turtle pond.

And this flock of birds make the turtle farm their home as well.

Within a few minutes of my arrival I was snapping photos of these turtles like there was no tomorrow....

One of the attendants threw a bag of pellet food into the water... and that brought them all to the surface to eat.

In another tank there were smaller turtles and there was a sign that said we could pick them up.  I never picked any up... but I took a lot of shots of this man who held one for several minutes.

Before I left the farm I likely took over 250 shots of the turtles... there is enough to do a separate post on just the turtle farm.

I asked Gail to stand under the Pandora sign for me... Shirley missed out on our outing today since she was feeling the need to sleep... it didn't hit me until the next day... and then I was out of the loop for a day as well.

But I stopped here for a little "cheer up" package for my sweetheart... and it worked!

When I returned to ship, Shirley joined me in going to the top deck where we both were busy taking photos... she is wearing my new Grandpa Goerlitz hat.

The tender boat is bringing back the last of our fellow travellers... and the sun has just come out after a short rain shower.  The end of a pretty perfect afternoon.  Of the three islands we visited this vacation, this one was the most expensive to live on... and the cleanest.  It was the least like Mexico of the three.

To see more of our vacation please visit Shirley's blog.

In the morning we will be disembarking in New Orleans... and off on another adventure in another place.

In keeping with our daughters Friday evening tradition, we have so much to be thankful for... not the least is our good health.  Once you lose it for even a day you don't take it for granted.

Happy Sabbath to you all.


  1. Nice hat! Thanks for the post, it's good to know what you're up to, and that you're both feeling better!


    1. We both really appreciate feeling better after having a crappy day or two.

  2. Looks like Shirley Ann missed the best stop! So sorry you both had to suffer from an ailment of some sort! Looking forward to more pictures and exciting new adventures!!

    1. There is more to come now that we have affordable internet. The cruise ship internet was not only costly... but painfully slow at times.

  3. Thanks for all the photos--will be waiting for the photos of New Orleans--and glad you are both feeling good again.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Great to be back to normal.

  4. Hell seems a little less scary than I thought. But I'm not sure I'd want to be there forever.

    1. One hour in Hell is more than enough!