Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Return to Arizona National

We enjoyed the Arizona National so much we returned for another round.

Lorne and I on the 5th green.  Today we played our game exceptionally quickly... only 3 hours and 10 minutes when usually it takes between 4 to 5 hours.

We took no pictures between the 5th and here on the 18th today.  It was my best round of golf so far this year... and the only game I scored less than Lorne.  I used the same ball for the entire game... rare.

When we took back the cart I asked permission to take it back around the golf course just to take photos... which they were ok with.  There were several beautiful homes around the course... this one not only sees the green, but it overlooks most of Tucson.

Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed this golf course... and there are lots of bunkers... which I fortunately managed to stay out of today.

Lorne composed this photo using my iPhone while I was using my Nikon.  In another week there will be countless more cactus blossoms.

My good friend Stanley says this White Wing Dove is only here for a short time, an indication that spring has come to Tucson.

I was able to slowly creep closer to this dove, who from this top of cactus perch, enjoys an awesome view of life below.

I have wanted all week to get a photo of the ocotillo blooming.  What a bonus to focus on this flower and have a hummingbird fly into the picture.  What are the odds?

This ocotillo bloom is very well protected by it's thorny stem.

This bird on the cactus was right next to the cart path and after driving by him, I walked back "To Shoot a Mockingbird."  I wish I would still be here when this cactus breaks forth in bloom... it will be awesome!

The course winds thru some hilly mountainside, which opens up some special views of the city and the golf course.  Behind the lake is a most beautiful club house.

Doesn't this look like a giant Arizona asparagus... but really we think it is a Century Plant.

Apparently the Century plant only blooms once in 25 years... and then completely dies.

This little bunny was so close to our golf cart I did this photo sitting down behind the wheel.  You can see the blood vessels in his ears!  Hundreds of these little bunnies make the golf course their home.

The grasses not only add to the beauty, but provide protection for many creatures... like the countless quail which were too quick for me to catch.  Lorne also took this photo with iPhone.

This is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be able to take pictures in the desert.

Over the next few weeks most all the cacti will be in bloom... what a great time to be here.

To see more photos taken at Arizona National click here.  Or to see more desert flower photos taken here last week click here.

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." 
-Claude Monet

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  1. Wonderful photos, Sherwin. I do remember how much we have enjoyed that course in the past. So glad you are having such a lovely time...xoxoxoxo