Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hiking in Sabino Canyon

This morning we were happy to have a warm, sunny day to take a hike up Sabino Canyon.  There is a weather system on the way bringing wind and rain... but today it is still fantastic.

The trams were busy today taking loads of people on a narrated tour of the Canyon.... but we were there for the exercise... and my pedometer said over 12,000 steps after hiking for about two hours.

Today we are pooling our best photos to make a single post on the canyon hike.

There was a pool in the stream where some kids were trying to get up the courage to get into the cold water... which is from melting snow high in the mountains.

It was fun to watch them as they took turns dragging and throwing one another into the water.

This Saguaro cactus has seven children!  We liked her family

Gail is getting ready to take a close-up of this tree bark.

What a difficult place for this cactus to make it's home... in a crack between a couple slabs of granite.

As the seasons change so does the foliage... making this canyon always a new experience every hike.

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  1. Oh such glorious blue skies! Glad you are having some good weather--send some this way!!

    I especially like the cactus growing between the rocks. What a persistent little plant!