Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Two & Three: Cozumel

There is a short walking/jogging track on Deck 12 of our ship. Both Shirley and I have been doing our morning walk there every day so far.  Look at all the empty lawn chairs.

I took this photo of the lawn chairs on the day we boarded... it was too windy for any one to laying around in them... but it was a totally different story the next day at noon in the hot sun.

Monday morning we approached the dock at Cozumel while we were doing our walk.

Within a few minutes of our ship docking, The Jewel of the Sea docked up next to us... bringing over 5000 potential customers to this small island.

We got a free taxi ride to the Forum Shops... about 3 miles from the dock.  The highlight of this tourist trap was to see a factory of workers at Diamonds International  assembling jewelry.  

I had tried to buy a watch at the Forum Shops... but they would not move far enough off their list price... so I left the watch there.  But there are endless stores on every side street off the main drag... and at one of these small owner operated stores I bought a nice Rolex and a hat.

The beach here in Cozumel was not all that inviting... but the view of the two sister ships tempted Lorne and me to take numerous photos as we got closer and closer.  At the end of the day my pedometer had clicked off over 30,000 foot steps.  I had made a large payment today towards my sleep insurance!

That evening as we were seated in the dining room the Captain came on over the loud speaker with a few announcements and a plug to visit the ships spa.  He said,

“Women are like a ship… if you want to keep her forever, you have to take care of the maintenance.” 

Shirley looked at me for my response.  I told her we never seem to have time for spa treatments when we are at home… so if we don’t do it when we’re on holiday, when would we ever do it?  It didn’t take her very long to make an appointment.


  1. What a good husband you are, being a spa buddy! Very fun. I hope Ma gets better from her green-sickness to actually go and get a massage or something.

    Sounds like you're having fun supporting the locals and enjoying the sights! Thanks for taking us along with you via the blog. Loving knowing what you're up to!


    1. I would have done the spa thing too... but spent my budget on internet time... which was pretty crazy.