Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grateful Thoughts June 19, 2010

I am grateful for a beautiful day and always enjoy watching the sunset from the lower deck.

Without a doubt the highlight of the week was seeing a long awaited project finished. After working late many days this week, and painting the entire room twice, I am grateful to see the completion of Shirley’s office renovation as well as our guest bedroom and we are all moved back in. Tomorrow we start to evacuate my office and the sequel begins all over again.

I am grateful that we found the same color of maple flooring and they had just enough on clearance price. Along with a box we had left from the first time we installed our floors seven years ago, we should have just enough to complete my office and our bedroom... so there will be no more carpet in our house except for occasional rugs.

I am grateful for my sweetheart Shirley, and to see her so happy with her new room makes me happy. For the first time she has ceiling track lights and the room is as bright at night as during the day. She even has her own phone jack near her desk and can connect her fax/copier easily now.

I am grateful that our neighbours are pleased to see the improvements to the road that Shirley and I have been doing.  I spent half a day this week clearing and widening the right of way, cleaning out the ditch and filling in the ruts in the road.  Every trip to Victoria we bring a load of gravel back for the road... and so far have brought home 20 loads!

In clearing the flowers off the front porch so we could move our furniture back into the house from our storage trailer, Shirley quickly moved the pots and set them temporarily in front of our truck.  Later when I saw how beautiful it made our old truck look, I just had to capture this photo for the memory. For at least a few hours our truck was thrilled with the beauty of these flowers, plus a horse, a frog and two rabbits! You have to take it when you can.

I am grateful to be making new friends on Mayne Island. We had a great visit and tea with another couple of artists here on Mayne Island, and Shirley met some new neighbours at the mailbox who also want to get together.

I am grateful to be enjoying running and feeling better each time. It is getting easier and easier to run the loop road around the island... about 12 km... and this next week I plan to do it mid week as well as on the weekend.

I am grateful to have a partner who understands and prepares super good meals that are healthy and help with my weight loss program. It feels good to be on track to reaching my September goal when I go to Dr. Losier for my annual physical.

I am grateful for the beginning of berry season. This week Shirley came home with vine ripened strawberries from Michel Farms... our favourite place to get berries that are red all the way thru. Then when I was running today I saw Blackberry blossoms... but no camera with me.

I am grateful to see our Tiger Lilies bursting with blooms...

not to mention the Digitalis,

Oxeye Daisies,



and Begonias.

Wishing you all a wonderful, productive and fun filled week... and remember to take time to smell the flowers!