Friday, March 9, 2018

Strides to End Homelessness

This past weekend a group of us from the Winfield Seventh-day Adventist Church showed our support of the Kelowna Gospel Mission in a 5 km walk to help end homelessness in our community.

This was in the first few minutes of the walk which started at the Kelowna Gospel Mission on Leon Avenue. 

It was a little cool out, but our spirits were high... anyone who wanted got a ballon to carry on the walk.

This was our group, the Winfield Sevens, except for Shirley who took this photo. 

And this is Shirley with her sister Roberta.  So we ended up with nine Sevens!

There were lots of groups... these are guys from the TD Bank who came out for the event.

When I took this photo inside I didn't realize that these two were part of the team called "Happy Feet." They were recognized as the winning team who raised over $10,000 for the charity. In all about $58,000 was raised by this event! 

We all had a good time.  It was fun to help people who are focused on helping others.

A candid shot of some of our Winfield walkers. Together we raised $750 for the charity.

There were even kids who got to ride around the 5 km.

Everyone who wanted received a free tee shirt... and after we got back from the walk there was yummy mushroom soup and a bun for all who wanted it.

But the highlight of the day for me was a prayer by Pastor Marcus just before we headed out for the walk.

Lord God,

You came to give honour to the least, 

                 those forgotten, 
                 overlooked and misjudged.

You came to give first place to the last, 

                  those left behind, 
                  misunderstood and undervalued.

You came to give a warm welcome to the lost, 

                   those who are orphaned, 
                   abandoned and destitute.

Help us to be your ears 

                    to listen to their cries.

Help us to be your voice 

                    speaking out love and acceptance.

Help us to be your feet 

                    walking beside those in need.

Help us to be your hands 

                    to clothe, feed and shelter them.

You came for the least, the lost and last of this world.

Lord, hear our prayer.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In Defense of Food

Shirley and I have watched this documentary about three times and rate it right up there with the best. I think Michael Pollan did well here. The film is a work of art, with lots of art! And great photography.

I love food! It is one of life's greatest pleasures. 

The sad thing is that four of the Top Ten Killers are linked to diet. And since I have diabetes, I am highly motivated to try to reverse this problem.

It is not my intention to summarize the entire 108-minute documentary here... but just to give you a few of the highlights so you will hopefully want to see it for yourself.

One of the things this documentary will be remembered for is Pollan's interesting Food Rules. 

This is the short answer to the supposedly incredibly complicated and confusing question of what humans should eat in order to be healthy.

Michael isn't selling any particular diet. And you don't have to be a scientist to know how to eat. It's really pretty simple. You can forget about counting calories.

So much of the factory-prepared food contain preservatives to increase their shelf life... not your life!

Why do you think we should avoid foods that are advertised on TV?

I liked the suggestion to eat your colours. We bought our first dragon fruit this past week and it was a lot of fun. Get out of the rut and try some interesting things.

Michael is pretty middle of the road on this one. For me, meat has become less important to have and more important to avoid.

He gives "plant-based" a new meaning to me!

Learn how using smaller plates can save you gaining 6 to 9 pounds in a year.

The order in which you dish up your food is super important. That is why I used to like to start with pie in a restaurant! That way I would always be sure to get dessert!

Michael says that the French spend 127 minutes a day eating... the Americans 67 minutes. For sure we can do better than this. I think we are just too busy and don't really care.

Take a minute to watch the trailer. This documentary was on PBS in December.

There are several more cool rules... but you have to see the movie! It's available on NetFlix and on YouTube. There are several on YouTube, but the full movie is the PBS Version.

As we begin this New Year, It is my hope that we can all learn more about how to eat smarter, live longer and have a better quality of life.  I welcome your comments and suggestions. 

This is just the first review that I plan to do on health-related topics. More exciting things to follow!