Sunday, October 16, 2011

Construction Update October 9 to 15, 2011

With the Thanksgiving holiday and Brendan calling in sick, we went to town on Tuesday and really only worked three full days together on the project... and I think it is safe to say it was the hardest three days yet on this site.  We were building angled walls... and to get them square and plum when set up had my brain working overtime.

Cutting out the windows was the easiest part... and I could do it in short order.

Tying together the angled walls required cutting angles into the top plate that overlapped.  It was a thing of beauty when it worked out right.

On Friday morning before Shirley went to town she helped us lift up and put in place this 14 plus foot high window wall.  It was by far the heaviest wall we have put up to date... the 8 windows had 8 headers... and each one is built up and very heavy.  Then we had to cover them with 1/2 inch plywood.

When she came back we had another wall that is over 17 feet high almost ready to go up... but we still have more plywood to nail in place first.  I told Brendan that by the time we get these walls done we will know how to build them right the first time every time... something that we can not say we've done.

This is what we looked like at the end of this past week.   By the end of this new week we hope to have up all the other walls, the main heavy beam that will carry the clearstory windows and the higher roof truss joists.  We just got the last three main roof beams delivered mid day on Friday... and on Monday by noon I expect we will have them in place and laminated together.

Shirley enjoys taking photos of the views from all the windows.  This one is of the three windows that are in the stairwell area.

This is the view from the north west corner of the studio over looking the knoll to the right of the water tank... seeing the top of the cabin and some of the meadowland.

From the same window with a slightly different angle we see the corner of the greenhouse, more of the meadowlands and in the foreground the TGI roof rafters under protective tarps.

I think my favourite non-water view is out this single east facing window overlooking Shirley's sunken garden... which she lately has been calling her sunken jungle.  It has really filled out this past summer and I think it's looking really great.

We wish you and us all a really great week.  Stay safe and don't work too hard, eh?

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