Saturday, October 29, 2011

Construction Update October 23 to 29, 2011

To make this dormer I found that we had to make a few modifications just as soon as we stood up this wall of windows.  For example, we had to extend the top plate on each side with lookouts to receive the eave rafter and facia board.

We also set up the roof joists on Shirley's new pantry and installed 3/4 inch plywood instead of 1/2 inch since the fall on this roof is only 3 inches in six feet it needs to be as solid as possible.

Immediately Brendan waterproofed it with Titanium UDL.

Next we prepared the roof TGI's to the right length and with the right angles on each end... and built them up ready for facia boards.  These were almost 22 feet long and sure didn't feel as heavy as those TGI's on the other side of this building.

What a glorious autumn day to be working on this project.  We pre cut all the blocking to size and installed them at each end along with the TGI's, which went in really quickly.

In order to accommodate the new dormer, we had to purchase three 2 x 12's... the first one became the outside rafter over the bathroom... it will hold the facia board and soffit.

We also built the last two walls for our master bedroom closet... and this coming week we will get the roof for it built, as well as the canopy that extends over to the central cantilevered beam.

 On Wednesday we went to Victoria for Shirley's eye appointment... and I also picked up over 500 lineal feet of custom cut full 1" x 12" cedar facia board.  It was the most beautiful cedar product I have seen... but when I saw the pile of boards, there were several 18 foot boards... and there was no way I could transport them on my short box  pickup.  So I rented a trailer.

We unloaded the boards into the studio next to the storage under the waterproof roof and stacked the boards with slats between so this green and wet lumber can dry out before we have to paint it.

We set up the rafters on the dormer on Thursday afternoon.

We also added a small raker window on the side of the dormer... and will do it on both sides of this dormer.

It was a very difficult task to build this wall between the top of the dormer and the roof over the storage beside it on the left side of this picture.  There are two different angles on each vertical member, and it was a trick to measure and cut them to fit perfectly.  I had to do one of these 2 x 4's three times to get it right.  and we get to do it all over again on the other side next week.  By the time we get if finished I will know how to do it.

Looking down from the loft to the main studio we enjoy the view thru the front window. Also notice the three clearstory windows above.

At the end of this week this is the front elevation view as you come from the cottage to the house.  Shirley has requested that we trim off a few of the lowest branches on a couple of trees to tidy up this front view.  But that is a minor problem compared to the ugly power pole.

We are looking forward to getting rid of this power pole that has the meter and brings the power from here underground into our house.  This past week our electrician installed a new electrical panel in the back room on our garage with a 12 foot mast and new meter base.  It won't be long before we will be taking down that ugly power pole which is so close to our new addition.


  1. Sherwin (and Shirley!)...I never cease to be completely impressed and wow'd by your creativity, sense of design, drive, and persistence. My dad used to put at the top of all his ventures: "Another Tibor Rudas Production". I'm thinking we need to get a little sign for this new addition that says, "Another Goerlitz Production" ;-) When people are both dreamers AND doers, truly awesome things happen. Can't wait to come visit you when its all done!

  2. A dream come true, taking shape one board at a time! Looks great!!

  3. ablefWeek after week, you astounded us with the work you've done to your house, from laying the foundations to painting the walls and placing the tiles inside. I'm excited to see what other surprises you guys have in store for us. =)

    Santo Caridine

  4. The outside view is just wonderful! The lake and the mountains are there together facing your beautiful house. If I lived in that place, I would try fishing on that lake and maybe do some paddling. Have you done any home improvements after this? Please share some photos, if you don't mind.

    Shania Fargo

  5. Oh my! What a beautiful view! You have indeed chosen an awesome location for your house. It’s nice to see that the construction is coming along great. I’d really like to see how your project will turn out. =)

    Emma Phillips

  6. I assume that by now, you have finished working with your house. I can imagine that it’s now painted with vibrant colors that complement your roof. Oh, by the way, I suggest you clean the roof of your first-level home. It looks a bit messy due to the construction. :)

    Penelope Dingee

  7. Penelope, we replaced all the roofing on the existing home... so it is all brand new!