Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Shirley

The leaves were turning colour and many have fallen... and it was a glorious sunny day to be with my sweetheart at the Royal Oak Golf Course today.

Shirley took this one shot of me thru these gorgeous leaves... thrust me, that really is me.  I don't wear my cowboy hat when golfing.

There were even several holes where Shirley got par and I didn't.  She felt pretty good about the day golfing together and told me as we drove on the way to lunch that she was happy go count this Groupon golf day as "her day" and who knows if we can even golf in my birthday.

My game was pretty slow starting... but on the second nine I had some good luck...  twice in a row I got a birdie.  The second one was a chip in from off the green.

After the game we went to White Spot for fish and chips... and then to Lance's... our roofer to pick up some larger metal colour samples for our new roof.  Then we went to the Running Room in Langford and each spent another last minute Groupon.  Shirley got a really cute purple top... and I got some push up swivel things that help you get more muscles involved in doing pushups.  

"I think it pisses off God when we walk by the colour purple and don't notice it."

We picked up a door and frame for Shirley's new recycling room under the stairs to the studio.  Then we headed for Safeway in Sidney... picked up a few groceries... a couple of sticky buns and some Starbucks soy latte.

When we got to the ferry every one was already driving on, and the ferry dispatcher waved us to follow the last car on.  This is my sweetheart working on her laptop on the ferry.  No more snagle tooth.  Tomorrow is officially her birthday... but we started a little celebrating already last night by watching the movie, "Thelma and Louise" and eating home made popcorn and apples.  

Shirley says she it doesn't feel like she is 65.  Isn't that wonderful!  Somehow I think she is going to keep saying that until she is 90!

"Everyone wants to live a long time, but no body wants to get old."



  1. Thanks for the good wishes, just remember who is boss for the next 3 weeks...:)

  2. Now that you are in charge, don't let the days slip away and then come my birthday realize you missed out on using your full powers!