Sunday, November 6, 2011

Construction Update October 30 to November 4, 2011

On Sunday we returned the trailer we rented from a friend in Sidney... we needed the trailer to bring home  the custom cut 1" x 12" cedar facia boards... some of which were over 18 feet long.  Our return trip back took us to Saturna first, so we got to see our home with renovations from the ferry.  Pretty cool, eh?

On Monday we went to town again. Since Brendan was setting up the fireworks for their Halloween party it gave us a chance to run some errands and pick up some supplies for the project... like skylights, white Flood paint for the facia boards and some cedar shingles for siding.  I only bought a square of shingles, as I wanted to get started on figuring out if we are going to pre-paint them, or how to put them on the wall.

Is it not a little ironic that we are taking the cedar shakes off the roof and now planning to put cedar shingles on to the wall?

As we were taking off more of the cedar shakes over our master bedroom closet I called Shirley to take some pictures of the crop of mushrooms that we have growing on the roof.  It amazes me that the roof still keeps us dry.

On Tuesday Brendan called and said he needed another day off to clean up after the fireworks... so Shirley was recruited to help me build the east wall of the dormer... the one with the two 24" x 24" windows just above the ladder.  Shirley also helped me finish the 1/2" plywood sheathing in the section.

On Wednesday Brendan and I set up the rafters over the last section of the dormer.... and Shirley caught us putting them in place.  We then built the last section of the wall between the lower TGI and the upper dormer rafter... another tricky project as each stud was a different length with a different angle on the top than the angle on the bottom.  Now that we have it done we know how to do it more quickly.

Ever since we put up this five-ply LVL beam I have wanted to trim it off to the right length... and on Thursday when I started to build this canopy roof I took out the chain saw and did the deed.

Since paint doesn't dry very well this time of year outdoors... and there is always a threat of precipitation, we got the brain wave to put down some poly on the floor and use the cabin as a paint room.  When we moved the first batch of boards into the cabin it was already raining.

This week Shirley painted the first five boards with two coats and we set up another batch of seven boards... so we will have enough to do the upper roof and dormer when these boards are dry.

I made up a list of windows this week and am looking for candidates who would like to bid on making these 36 windows.  In the last two weeks since we added the dormer in the loft, we eliminated one round window from the plan and added eight more!  So glad we did it... it was a now or never decision.

On Friday we made some serious progress on the roof over our new master bedroom closet and the canopy extension to the cantilevered beam.  Since we had to open up the roof to marry the new roof into the old one, at the end of the day I put poly over that area.  We have rain in the forecast for the weekend.  Weather permitting Lance has scheduled to start roofing here on Monday.

This is a pretty boring picture... but the results are awesome.  We are taking out the service pole with meter base in the previous photo and changing the way our house will get power service.  In fact we will eliminate two poles and over 275 feet of power line.  We will then come directly from the pole in the triangle on our circle drive, which is about 125 feet from back corner of the garage, so we will hardly never see it from inside the house... or when driving up to our house.  

This photo taken from the loft shows the ugly service pole and the green second pole on the left... they will be removed... and along with it goes all the wires you can see thru the top windows on the right.  In an ideal world electricity is to be enjoyed but the power lines are never to be seen.

Wesley, our electrician, has installed a new 200 amp panel in our garage and from there we will go to a new panel in our new closet... so all that wire will be hidden in the building.  We are setting aside four feet of wall just for electric panels in the closet... and it will have clear floor area in front of them so it will meet code.

Currently when  breaker trips we have to take clothes out of Shirley's closet to access the panel and get a flash light to find the problem... not cool.

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