Friday, November 25, 2011

Cannon Beach Thanksgiving Memories

We left Mayne Island with the power out... and after driving all day in the rain arrived at Cannon Beach to find the power out within hours after we got here.  So the next day we went out for breakfast in Seaside... where they had power.  Getting there we had to go thru some severe flooding of the road.

Adjacent to the road was this RV campground.  Shelby thought he saw a sign that said "Dry Creek RV Park"... but Sher set him straight... it is "Circle Creek RV Park."  I guess that is because the water circles the place.  Still very appropriate.

Late afternoon the sky cleared a bit so Alan and I went for a walk on the beach.  The wind was having fun with the waves.

As the sun was setting the rain was moving back in... and before we realized it we had to hustle home.

The tide was out more than I have ever seen before here, so we explored up the beach to the north.  Coming back I took this shot of Alan with the famous Haystack Rock in the distance.

As I was taking this sunset shot the rain was pouring down on us.

The golden sun reflects in the windows on the houses... beautiful, eh?   This was happening in pouring rain and we were getting soaked!

Thanksgiving Day was a continual storm and I never once even ventured out the door.  It was delightful today to see the sun come out and wind subside...

A perfect time to go for a walk on the beach with the family.

"love builds up the broken wall
and straightens the crooked path.
love keeps the stars in the firmament
and imposes rhythm on the ocean tides
each of us is created of it
and i suspect
each of us was created for it"

--Maya Angelou 

Sher and Seth.  This young man is getting taller than his mother!

"I hope you always have a shell in your pocket... and sand in your shoes."

Occasionally we would get surprised by a wave that comes higher up the beach than most others.

Shirley was enjoying taking pictures of the foam on the leading edge of the waves... until she was caught off guard and got totally soaked up to her knees.  I found this quote for her.

"My life is like a stroll on the beach... as near to the edge as I can go."

“Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.” -Michelle Held

There was lots of photos taken... with pictures of those taking pictures.

And even some selfie photos.  

Not to be left out, I had Shirley take my picture too... I wanted to show off the hats that Sher made up for the Thanksbirthmas '11 celebrations.  A lasting reminder.

Huge breakers.

"If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves."

The sand dunes were begging to have some pictures taken of them...

The blue sky was perfect today with the sand and the grass.

When Maizy and Lucy saw me over on the sand dunes, they wanted to play and climb around in them too.
It is wonderful to see these two sisters play so well together.

When Lucy was getting tired Maizy carried her quite a long way without a word of complaint.

There is endless variety in the sand dunes and the wild grass.

I love the patterns that the water etches in the sand on the beach.

And these patterns just happen randomly.

So simple. So beautiful.

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  1. What a fabulous collection of pictures! Good memories!!