Sunday, November 13, 2011

Construction Update November 6 to 11, 2011

On Sunday I worked by myself putting down all the plywood sheathing on the roof that connects our house and the new closet for our bedroom and then extends over to the mid point.

On Monday the day started off with some serious rain.  We tried to work anyway, but we got cold and kind of wet... so Brendan suggested he would be happy to take off the rest of the day and go to town... which was fine by me as I thought we wouldn't see any roofers that day.

Within an hour of that decision Lance and his crew showed up and decided he wanted to start on the new roof over the studio.  We already had the Titanium UDL down, so even in the rain he could work here.

So I had to get cracking and get a couple of skylights set up on curbs and cut out the plywood between the TGI's... so I pushed and got it done before stopping for a late lunch.

Lance has a machine that takes 24-guage pre-finished metal off a roll and can form any length of standing seam panel right on site.  On the first day they did most all of the highest roof and up to the skylights on the lower roof.

When it wasn't raining Brendan and I put up as much facia board as we could.  Here we are doing the facia on the new pantry.

This is Lance is putting down the first layer of "torch on" roofing on the pantry.

This section of the our closet and bedroom is now ready for the metal panels.

Don't these metal panels look good?  This is the canopy that connects to the new closet lower right.

Lance with two of his boys are doing the second layer of "torch on" thru the cricket.  With five skylights so close together, this section is extremely time consuming and difficult.

On Thursday Shirley helped us clean out all the junk stored in between the trusses.  There was a lot of junk up there that we inherited from the previous owners and didn't even know what all was there... plus there was some of our stuff up there as well.

Then Brendan and I installed plywood on most of the ceiling in the garage.  When the old shake roof gets torn off, if we didn't have a ceiling here there would be a lot of debris that would fall into the whole area below... and it would be a huge mess to clean up.  Now we can just vacuum in the attic and then set insulation between the trusses... and save the mess getting into all our stuff.

With a ceiling in this area it makes it easier to heat this space if we so choose... plus it really makes it a nicer environment.

This time of year painting outside is not practical... this type of paint has an emulsion that needs some warmth to get it to dry.  So we have turned our cottage into paint shop for a few weeks... with poly on the floor.  Shirley has been painting almost every day here this past ten days.  The good news is the end of the facia boards is within sight.

This next week I will take more photos with the finished facia boards installed.  It is looking really good, but with the rain on the weekend we didn't take any more exterior shots.

Once again, thank you Shirley for the photos.


  1. Wow this project is looking so good--can hardly wait to see it all finished!!!!

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