Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ouch, Ouch!

If bad things happen in three's... it made me hesitate to get out of bed this morning.  Two days ago I stepped on a board with a spike sticking up... and I felt it going in... and coming out.  I checked and it didn't come out the top of my foot, even if it felt like it might have.  Shirley called the doctor's office and went down to pick some antibiotic's for me.

Then yesterday as I was putting the last pice of facia board on one of the high sections of the roof, I was trying to pull out a nail when the wonder bar slipped off the narrow head on the siding nail and my hand slammed into the edge of the metal roofing.  OUCH!  It was a nasty gash and that finished me for the afternoon on that project.

This is the last piece of facia where I cut my hand.  Notice the little vertical guide boards that I attach to the facia board to hold it at the right height... it makes it possible for me to do this task by myself.  The roofers are basically done, except for some flashings and trim caps around the edges... a few vents and a couple of garage skylights to finish flashing.

I also want to do the wood shed with metal... but it is pretty small.  We are really happy with the new roof... the colour as well as the quality of the workmanship.

We hardly had any rain this week. What a joy to wake up to see the sunrise.  I called for a building inspector to come by... and on Tuesday Chris Watson came and spent almost an hour with me.  I had lots of questions and he helped me a lot to sort out some options on how to finish the siding, rock facing, flashings around windows, water screen and building paper applications.

It was the first time that Chris had been here since April when all I had to show him was a cardboard model of our dream... and he was quite impressed at the progress... he liked it.

He also told me what I had to do to meet code in the pantry.  He pointed out how to get roof ventilation... and I drilled some vent holes to allow air to pass above some solid insulation I am going to use.

The BC building code requires minimum R-28 insulation in all ceilings... so three layers of R-10 rigid foam above exceeds the code.  I inherited a lot of rigid insulation with the place, so am delighted to be able to finally use it where it counts.  The walls need to be R-20.

Wesley, the electrician came three times this week for half a day, so I could do the insulation and finish off this pantry.

It seemed like huge progress when I cut the opening for the arch doorway between the laundry room and the new pantry.

I made a mistake thinking I could have 2 x 4 walls here.  It takes a 2 x 6 wall for R-20 fibreglass insulation so I furred out the end wall with an extra 2 x 2.  It is so much faster to install fibreglass insulation vs the rigid stuff.

I had a call into Ritchie Smith, my engineer to come as soon as he could arrange it... and he called on Thursday to tell me he would be here on the first ferry Monday morning.  I am really going to push to get this pantry finished as soon as possible... it would be nice to have it done by Christmas.

That is probably not possible with the kind of cabinets we are now talking about getting... but we will know more as we make some calls this next week.  Plus, to get a dry wall finisher???  I may end up having to do this room myself... but I sure won't do the whole studio and loft myself.  That is a lot of hard work to install the heavy board.

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  1. Great post Sherwin...I was so busy with other 'stuff' that I didn't take one photo for you this week so I am doubly proud of you.

    The photo of your hand does not show it as bad as it appeared. It was a deep gash...when I called up the doctor's office at 4:30 to see if the doctor could still see him the nurse let me know that if I needed any medical attention I would have to take the ferry so I am glad that I was able to bandage you up and it is healing so nicely.