Monday, January 24, 2011

Prepare for an Emergency

We seldom stop and think about what we might do if an earthquake or other calamity were to befall us.  After all, we live in a paradise where these things are not supposed to happen to us.

Likely one of the easiest things to do after reading this is nothing.  We always think that disaster will always strike somewhere else, right?  So why worry about it?

The problem is that if you wait until the disaster actually strikes it is often too late to get the reserves that it may take to see you thru the worst of the crisis.  Everyone is wanting the same supplies and there just won't be enough to go around.

As we were walking this afternoon we spent some time talking about this and it really doesn't take all that much to get prepared... it just takes sitting down and making a list... then executing it.

Where we live it is not uncommon to be out of power for a day or so... but what would we do if we were without power for 2, 3 or 4 weeks?  What if an earthquake took out our ferry terminal and we could not travel to Victoria for  a while?  How long would our normal food reserves last?  Without power, where would we get our water?  A few cases of 24 small bottles would not last very long!  And to drink the water from the ocean is too salty.   One could boil it on a wood stove and catch the condensation.  Wow would that be slow... but not impossible.

Make this Monday matter... check out this Monday Matters link on getting ready for an emergency.

The bottom line is at least do something to prepare.  Don't get caught unawares.  It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes.

"Five minutes before the party is no time to learn to dance."

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