Monday, January 3, 2011

Canada Still on Holiday Today

We were blessed with a warm afternoon today, and the sun invited me to mix up some mortar and do some more rock work.  It will take several more wheelbarrows of mortar and rock to get up to height of the adjacent concrete foundation.  But I learned a long time ago, if you don't quit they will eventually give you the diploma.  It got me thru college... and so it is in life.  As long you keep working on it, one day it will get done.

So what that I had to thaw out the water pump on my rock saw!  You need water on the blade when cutting rock.  It got so warm working outside this afternoon I almost took off my jacket.

Three ships parked this afternoon in Navy Channel.

Don't you love the bigger photos?  If you ever want them even bigger, just click on the photo.


  1. You got the wide columns! Yeah!

    Nice photos, nice blog header... 2011 is here and everyone's sprucing things up!


  2. I always enjoy the photos you and Shirley Ann post--the view from your home is so breathtaking--thanks so much for sharing!!