Sunday, January 16, 2011

Add a Little Colour

There are many ways to add some colour to your life.  One way is to sign up for Amber Alerts... which is part of the "every Monday Matters" program.  Did you know that AMBER is an acronym that stands for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response.  It is a great way to help find missing children.

Where we live it would be rare for us to find missing kids... maybe missing deer.  So I suggested to Shirley that we might use some alternative ideas to add a little colour in our lives.  One of my favourite colourful ideas is to buy some flowers.  The cyclamen has become "our flower."

I purchased my first cyclamen for Shirley when we were in Grade 11 for Valentines Day... almost 50 years ago!  Since then I have seldom missed buying one in February, as well as whenever I see an especially beautiful specimen. This colourful flower holds some very fond memories for us.

What is your favourite flower to give?

Another suggestion is to either make or buy a colourful painting.  There is something cheerful in colourful art.  One never has too much inspiring art around... it is good for the soul.

As you may have noticed, both Shirley and I, we are pretty high on Van Gogh recently.  The incredible IMAX movie Brush With Genius is still playing in Victoria until January 20... and if we can we will probably go and see it again for a third time.  It is such an inspiration!

"I felt a tremendous affinity with Van Goghs deep feeling for the things he painted and how he exaggerated the colours of sky, chairs, faces, to bring them to almost more than life."

What exciting way are you going to add some colour into your life this week?

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  1. Sherwin a great post coming on a string of equally great posts. You are on a roll! In answer to your question. I am adding colour as I finish up three new paintings this week. Only one is colourful really the other two are quite soft and subtle.But one bright spot is all I need. Have a great week.