Friday, April 2, 2010

My Friday Gratefulness List

My daughter Sherilee has been such an inspiration to me. Every Friday evening she faithfully posts her Gratefulness list on her blog; may her tribe increase. This is my first posting of many such reflections of thankfulness.

Tonight as we reflect on the events of the past week, I am grateful...

1. For Shirley’s hugs. It is not uncommon to stop several times a day and say, “I need a hug...” and share kind words and kisses.

For the most wonderful children. I am so grateful for their openness and constantly keeping in touch with us. It is not uncommon for Sherilee to call once a day... some days more... and some days not at all... but many emails go back and forth between us in a week. She has been a real help for me in problem solving with blogging.

3. For Shelby. Happy Birthday son, on your 43rd birthday. You are a good son, a good husband and a great father. What an inspiration and positive leader you are.

4. For our grandchildren. They are such a joy to be with and have such potential for a promising future.

5. For ferries that we too often take for granted, until a stormy day shuts them down.

6. For a kind salesman at Campus Infiniti. When we had our car serviced, this salesman came over to visit as we were looking at the new cars on the lot. He offered to help us with some of our questions about the features... like how to connect the I-pod... and he gave us the right cord to hook it up.

7. For my new computer system. We could walk over to Future Shop while the car was being serviced and I finally made the decision to go back to a desktop computer for stock trading. Bought an HP Pavilion Elite with 8 processors and two 24-inch monitors... sweet!

8. For the joy of rock work. I look at it as solving a rock puzzle where I have to find the best piece to fit into the wall. This was a very productive week in the “Sunken Garden wall.”

9. For good walks and runs. I went for an 11.5 km run this week and had absolutely no pain. The time off from running these past two months was good for me.

10. For good food. It seems like since we are home from our holiday it is easier to be happier with eating less. Something about cruise ships makes that harder!

11. For spring flowers. One sunny morning we decided to take our cameras with us to the village when we ran some errands. The daffodils were out in all their splendour... but we couldn’t get it all done before lunch. Between us we took about 700 photos.

12. For my new Nikon D-300s. Another learning curve, but I really want to master this camera. It has so many features... it’s like our car. Our equipment is way smarter than we are.

13. For the alpacas. As we stopped on the road this week to shoot some photos of our neighbour’s pets, they came over and invited us to come inside the fence to get some better shots. What a delightful session we had capturing these fun and furry creatures. It was our first experience with these animals.

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  1. Great list, Pa! We do indeed all have much to be thankful for.

    I love those alpacas! I want to visit them next time we're on the island. So sweet.