Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grateful List April 23, 2004

What a fantastic week!  As I reflect over the good things and look at the photos, tonight I am grateful:

1.  For safety in the last storm.  This strong arbutus just across the fence from the cottage came down in the high winds.  We are so grateful after every storm to see our trees still standing.

2.  For a great run with Shelby.  Our family was together in Walla Walla this past weekend. There was great food, good visits, a surprise Birthday Party and a wonderful run in the country.

3.  For the excitement of change.  Shelby and Kim are serious about moving... and in the first weekend listed for sale more than a dozen showings happened.  Wow, is that ever great!

4. For the tulip festival.  On the way home from Redmond we saw signs on the freeway for the tulip festival... so we did a short detour and even though we missed the prime blooming time and events, it was a most pleasant diversion.

5.  For tulips on the golf course.  It was wonderful to see all the flowers blooming at Point Roberts Golf Course...

6.  For my best golfing friend.  I know a lot of guys who wished that their wife enjoyed golfing.  Every day I count my blessings.

7.  For the Oak Bay Beach Hotel progress.  Definitely slower than expected... now almost six months since site clearing and blasting begun the end of October, there is still not a definite date for the pouring of the first concrete.

8.  For a good visit with Kevin & Shawna Walker... and photo op.  After "walking the rock" with other owners/investors we were treated to a lovely lunch at the Victoria Golf and Country Club.

9.  For changing skies.  I like to capture the sunset on Friday evening each week... but we were socked in with rain all afternoon and I had to finish using up the last of the mortar for the rock wall in my rain gear.  I never expected we would see a sunset tonight.

10.  For an interesting sunset evolution.

11.  For the promise in the rainbow. Whenever I see a rainbow I always think of the promise that God made to Noah over 5000 years ago.  As the sun was setting the afterglow to the east was so soft and pretty.


  1. Wow! Those pictures were spectacular! Thanks for sharing!


  2. #3....that's a hoot! And it's me. LOL And the sky photos, the last one about Noah...excellent.

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