Monday, November 4, 2013

Wood Carving is Beautiful

Today's blog challange is "Art." But rather than show any of my work, I would like to show some exciting works done by a father and son team that is on display in Barclay's Exchange.

Shirley and I went back to Barclay's in Chinatown to get some pictures of the wood carvings.

It was after our walking tour in Chinatown a few weeks back that I realized where Barclay's Exchange had moved. It has been a few years since they moved from Douglas Street to 516 Fisgard Street, Victoria.

The Barclay's I remembered was the place I bought my cement mixer… and the one ton chain winch… and other tools.  They never used to have high quality wood carvings and works of art. There just wasn't enough room in the old location.

Most of the pieces I took photos of today were done by Jay and Jean Brabant.

They have quite a good selection of masks…

With new carvings coming in… like this mask that arrived today and had not been hung up on display yet.  Owner Paul McDonald pulled it out of his office to show it to me… so I shot the photo as he held it in his hands.  Notice the copper eyes.

I love the colours and the variety.  Each one is a "one-of-a-kind" original work of art.

This sun mask is my favourite. Nose like the beak of an eagle… with seven radiating rays coming out from the centre.  It also is one of the larger and more expensive pieces.

But this totem pole was no doubt the largest piece… with lots of vibrant colours.

I'm still looking for the man who carved our beautiful front door.  It was done about 1986-87 at the time Jack Janzen built the house.  I have been threatening to introduce some colour to it… but am not in a hurry.

Before I would touch it with any paint I would do several colour comps to be sure about which parts would get what colour… and which parts stay natural.

We were told that at the time the door was made the wood carver lived on Mayne Island. If anyone knows the artist I would appreciate knowing his name.

"Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I think color on the door would be awesome!

  2. Ha! I think I might be the dissenting vote on the door color. But I'll still come and visit

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