Thursday, November 7, 2013


What inspires me?

Seeing nice work that others have done… like the wood carvings at Barclay's. That was very inspirational for me.

Where do we get our ideas from?

Often we get ideas from nature.  The sun has been an inspiration to many artists.

Sometimes we look at one thing and see something else.

But basically we are all a bunch of copycats.

We see something someone else has done and think… why not do it this way?

We draw on all of life's experiences in everything we undertake.

After seeing this incredible piece of wood carving I got to thinking how I might do it in stone?  Maybe white quartz rays on a background of sandstone… with black pebbles around the face… and at the end of the rays.

I found myself sitting at my desk yesterday doodling in my day-timer.

It's just a quick sketch, but I have a vision of making a design like this on a rock wall on our house.  I found myself thinking about in the night when I should have been sleeping… then later in the day I sketched it out.

If it ever does happen, I will do a lot more planning… select the right rock colours and other elements.  But that is how things get started and soon one thing leads to another.  It will be fun to see if this idea will get the thumbs up.

Speaking of creative rock work this wall blew me away.  We were looking for a store… KMS tools… when we stumbled upon this retaining wall on Old Island Highway in Victoria.

This is not the everyday Department of Highways retaining wall.

A lot of planning and thought went into building this wall.  I found myself inspired by this amazing design.

As you can see, this is beautiful work.  If you have few minutes check out their website.

This is the kind of work that inspires me!


  1. Pa -- thought of you when I was visiting Shane yesterday. We walked around the Evergreen University campus for a bit and stopped by the Native American Studies building. It had a huge bird guarding the door. -s

    1. Nice Thunderbird. There is a similar one on the First Nations school on West Saanich Road near Brentwood Bay.