Saturday, July 13, 2013

Up Close in Casa Batllo

Going thru this amazing house was an inspiration to our creativity. Shirley did such an excellent story blog post earlier this week... if you haven't seen it yet just click on this link.

In this blog I want to build on the foundation of Shirley's blog post with a few more close up photos of things we found interesting.

Stained glass above living room window... cool colours.

This pattern on a column was used in different colours throughout the house.

You can see the subtle pattern on the ceiling... as well as the wall below.

How did Gaudi do this boob detail?  I have no idea.  Maybe he had a giant ice-cream scoop to put the stucco onto the ceiling.

Wall light.

Ceiling lights.

 Different designs were used in different places and all were different.

And what is this?  Would you believe it's a hallway near the top floor... and one of the lights must be burned out making one of the ribs dark.  I like the feeling of it.

Sometimes photos and paintings are more interesting when you don't see the whole thing and the viewer has to use their imagination to complete the story.

Glass mixed with ceramic in this mosaic.

Mosaic wall designed with plant niches... currently not used for plants.

Ceramic tile pattern on large garden patio.

This patio with skylights in the floor... obviously there's a room below. Likely a mechanical room.

Handrail on part of rooftop patio...

Thru this hole in the handrail we see mostly the neighbours patios'... however in the bottom thru the grille you can see the arched mosaic planter wall already shown three photos back.

Roof ridge... or maybe parapet detail.

“His houses are for erotomaniacs, where you can dream as well as live.” -Salvador Dali 

Of course at the end of every tour there is a gift shop where you can leave a little more money and take a memory book or gift for someone.  There are more books on Gaudi than this photo shows... and available in almost any language.

This little salamander is Gaudi's trademark.  Isn't he precious?  Ask me how many times I have kicked myself for not buying it?

Now would be a good time to end this blog... but I have one more fun detail that isn't Gaudi which I captured with the camera.

This photo taken from the street shows an camera arm centre top.

Not to miss any opportunity to make another few dollars off the tourists, when you are touring Casa Batllo you can have your picture taken with your spouse/friend standing on the upper deck of this house.  That will be 15 euros please.  Sorry.  We didn't get one to show you.

Hope you are having a good weekend, where ever you are... what ever you are doing.

“The measure of a man's culture is the measure of his appreciation. We are ourselves what we appreciate and no more.” 
-Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. It will be interesting to see what kind of influence Gaudi has on your next building project.. ha!

    1. Shelby, we already have some great ideas for mosaic tile work... I do love his embellishments and colours... see what we can do about that!

  2. That will be interesting!

    I am currently planning and sorting out the best photos we took at Segrada Familia... which was over the top awesome. The more I look at his work, the higher is my appreciation of his talent. He is to architecture what Chagall, Dali and Picasso were to art. And until this trip I had no idea he even existed.

    1. It was a most pleasant experience, getting to know this man's work. Lovely.

  3. Those close up shots are beautiful. Give a whole new dimension to the previous photos Ma posted. Nice.

  4. It was a lot of fun to see... and a fun post to do. Thanks.