Friday, July 5, 2013

From Bad to BETTER

What do you do when you have jet lag and it's night time?  You are as tired as a dog and can't sleep because your body clock is still about 9 hours off.

I go to my computer.  I looked at my most recent photos.

This was our plane between Venice and Frankfurt on July 2.  We were up at 4 AM to make this flight...

It was the first leg of a 35-hour day that was supposed to get us home to Mayne Island.

But it didn't happen.  Things went from bad to better.

The second leg was on this big bird from Frankfurt to Calgary... and we were travelling "Worst Class."

Someone has to sit in those lousy four seats in the middle of the Airbus... you know the ones.

Almost immediately after takeoff they served beverages.  

And within an hour after... the lights went down... the window shades were lowered... it was Showtime!

I tried to sleep, but this time of the day my body was not in the mood for sleep.
So I watched a movie that summed up my feelings quite well.  Misery.  

It was a Stephen King thriller with James Caan and Kathy Bates.  Need I say more?

Neither Shirley nor I had an isle seat... and when the lady from India fell asleep beside me my route to the bathroom was blocked. We had been drinking a lot of water... and now I needed to take a whiz. 

The window of opportunity was closing fast and she was not waking up.  So I had to figure something out.  I fidgeted and fidgeted around until she woke up. And then I made my urgent request. Problem solved.  Disaster had been averted.

We arrived in Calgary on time... but 50 minutes between flights was not enough to get our baggage, check thru Customs and go thru another security screening. We ran like crazy with baggage in hand to the WestJet check-in counter to get a boarding pass... only to find out our plane had been closed and was preparing for takeoff.  We had to get another ticket for the same flight a day later.

Wonderful!  Shirley's sister Marilyn, who lives in Calgary was hoping that would happen, and was just waiting for us to call her to pick us up. She was there in a flash.  Things had just gone from bad to BETTER.

How was this better?

We went to the Apple store.

We both had ran into computer problems in Europe downloading so many photos every day.  After about three weeks both our computers rebelled...  totally quit working.  Every time this happens I use it for an excuse to get a new computer.  So off we went to the Apple store for a little retail therapy.

They just came out with a new model while we were in Europe which is much faster, has more storage and I got the model with the new Retina screen which is totally awesome... it has 4 times more pixels for sharper images.

And with buying it in Calgary instead of in BC the tax savings were about $135.  

Now that's BETTER!

This is my first blog post done on my new MacBook Pro.  My first day I transferred over 4,000 photos!  And I learned how to do Air Drop... pretty cool.  No cords... just transfer any file of photos or documents from one Apple to another.  Sure beats the zip stick I had been using.

If anyone wants my two year old MacBook Pro... do I have a deal for you!  It is a great computer with lots of life yet.  In fact, I would even sell them both.  Would you rather have a MacBook Air?

The MacBook Pro was not the one I had in Europe.  If I had taken my Pro instead of the Air I wouldn't have had a problem.  But I took my smaller MacBook Air... which is lighter and perfect for travelling.  Since I don't use it that often I didn't remember it had problems in Tucson with it getting too full.  Stupid me... I left on a trip with a computer with very little capacity left.  O well.

"All is well that ends well."

If you are interested in one of my Apples, email me at or call 250-884-6750.


  1. You are so funny with your Apple retail therapy. Still have your computers, or were you able to unload them?

    Was Misery your only choice for a movie, or just the one you picked? That doesn't seem like a very soothing picture to watch while traveling. There's some reallll misery there. Ouch!

  2. We still have all our Apples... but I think we will sell one of our MacBook Airs. Shirley will take over my older MacBook Pro... and likely sell her 11" air.

    Misery was a good movie for us being in misery in "worst class." Just pile it on!