Saturday, December 17, 2011

Construction Update December 5 to 16, 2011

My wounds have all healed marvellously.  Isn't it wonderful how the Creator designed our body so it would mend itself... but when my car or a tool gets broken it stays broken until we get it fixed.

I think one of the most wonderful things is to have our new roof completed on everything.

When I think back over the past couple of months, it is amazing that these guys worked thru the rainy season...  with even some snow... and they got the existing house and garage done with no water problems.  This is Lance Vaesen completing the ridge cap on the garage.

Two of Lance's boys work with their dad... this is Kellen finishing off some flashing on our house.

Here Brant is working on a last piece of flashing on the highest peak... 29 feet off the ground.

After the shakes were taken off the garage the nails that didn't come out with the shingles got pounded into the strapping.  You can see how important it is to have a hat on as I was checking and nailing some of the sheathing that was missed during the framing.

The garage attic has never looked better since we have been here.  We totally cleaned out all the junk that used to be stored here...

And we have been running some new electrical thru this attic to a new panel on the back corner of the garage where our new service will soon be switched over to.

It took Wesley our electrician, Shirley and me, as well as a come-along to pull this heavy new service line from the back of the garage to the new panel location in our new closet.

I took the sheathing off the house to expose the old panel in the back of our closet.  All these wires will get moved to new panel on a dedicated wall of our new closet.  The day we do this switch over will be a busy day for Wesley and we will be most of the day without power.

Both telephone and BC Hydro power will come into this back corner of the garage... and Wesley installed a guy wire so the mast will be strong enough once the new line is connected.

We purchased three dozen pot lights at Home Depot...

and it is such a joy to have them working in the carport already.  Can you see the smile on our truck now that it can park in our new carport?

One of the items that the engineer caught was a double 2" x 10" beam that I didn't see in the drawing.  So, I had to cut in space under this window for it.

Once I got it all installed, with insulation behind, it looked like it had been there all the time.

Last week Thursday we picked up the drywall for the pantry.  On Friday I called the Building Inspector and asked permission to cover in this one room.  He suggested that I send photos of the room to the Chief Building Inspector and I may get approval to cover without waiting for the next week inspection.

So I sent off 15 photos with notes explaining all the steps I had done and by the end of the day I received a phone call from the Inspector with his approval to cover... and one of the nicest compliments with it.  He told me he had never seen a nicer set of photos.  That made my day.

Here I am last Saturday night starting to screw the drywall to the pantry ceiling.  Shirley should be in this picture too... but she was taking the picture.  Together we had the whole room done by Sunday noon.

I had never before used this cool corner bead that is designed to make smooth curved edges.

I didn't count how many screws and nails are in this arch, but I am sure there are more than a hundred in all.

By Friday afternoon I had the third coat on the drywall... so on Sunday with a little light sanding and a wipe off with a damp cloth we will be ready for the first coat of paint.

Shirley is anxiously wanting to get moved back into her laundry room, as well as this new pantry.  Every day it is a little closer.


  1. What a great photography review of 2011 Sherwin! I was wondering about your addition and how it was coming along. Great progress shots. It is a wonderful way to bring us up-to-date and be on the ready for 2012. May your year ahead be as fulfilling and inspiring as the one that has just finished!

  2. It is a wise choice to consider changing your roof, even before it gets totally damaged by natural calamities. Plus, a new roof will make your house look new and fresh! Changes are inevitable, but surely, there are good things that will come along the way. Your roofers did a good job!

    -Mary Martin

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