Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome to Quarry Pines

I played Quarry Pines last year a couple of times and really loved it, so this course was one of my "must play" courses for Tucson this year.

I marvel at the creativity of taking this old gravel pit and transforming it into one of the most challenging and beautiful golf courses in Tucson.  It reminded me of how our favourite "Butchart Gardens" in Victoria was once a rock quarry that was redeveloped into a magnificent garden.
Lush fairways wind around in a place where nothing grew... it was once just a place to get sand and gravel for construction.

A lake and water feature adds to the beauty on a couple of holes.

Since our tee time was right at noon, we packed a gourmet picnic lunch... a turkey sandwich, an crisp apple, a Fuze drink, baby carrot sticks, corn chip scoops, trail mix and granola bars.  There was plenty of time to enjoy our lunch as the pace of golf turned out to be about 5 hours... and we started out as a twosome.

Part way thru the round we invited Jack and Donna, a couple who were following us, to join us... and that helped to get  us more in sync with the pace of the course.

Notice the Palo Verde in full bloom behind our new golfing friends.

There was plenty of time to take pictures and not cause any delay in the game.

On the 14th hole this hummingbird watched us all tee off and never flew away... so I took his picture at least 20 times.  He put on quite a little show for us, sporting the red feathers on his neck.  But after looking at more than 100 different kinds of hummingbirds online I could not find the name of this make and model.  Can you help?  Maybe my birding friend Stanley well tell me later today when we get together.

Here are a couple more of my shots of this hummingbird that may help.

Our round here at Quarry was the best round so far this year for both Lorne and me.
It was my first game under 100... I shot an 88... with two 8's on a couple of par 5's.  And Lorne shot 81... finishing with a birdie on #18.  He drained a 40-foot put from off the back of the green!  Truly an awesome way to finish the game on an awesome course.

There is nothing like a good round to keep you coming back.

I have decided to adopt the Golfers Diet:  "To live on greens as much as possible."


  1. Very interesting course. You'll be breaking 80 before you leave the desert and head north.

  2. What a lovely picture glad you are playing so well and enjoying it. Tiger says if he doesn't improve he is going to quit. Happy that isn't you!

    Love you Bear!!