Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 9: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The sandy beach looked so clean and inviting, we had to go for a walk on it as soon as we got off the ship.

As we got down the beach a bit we looked back and captured this picture of the Coral Princess in the dock.

You know we were scratching the bottom of the barrel when Shirley and I had our pictures taken standing behind these painted dancers.

Since we didn't sign up for a Princess shore tour, we walked around the town a while, but the streets were full of stinking garbage, it was scorching hot out... and our air conditioned ship looked very inviting. So we headed in to the Horizon Dining Room for lunch.

We watched the tour buses bringing back the tourists... and awaited the reports of activities our friends enjoyed.

Still a farmer at heart, Lorne enjoyed their visit to a coffee plantation where they saw how the simple coffee bean is grown and harvested.

Many of the plantations in Costa Rica have contracts with Starbucks, who takes all of the coffee beans that they can produce... but Starbucks does their own roasting.

Lorne enjoyed seeing some exotic birds... we don't get to see these colorful feathers very often.

In the Botanical Gardens Gail also enjoyed the birds... the Bird of Paradise was quite amazing!

The height that plants grow here makes one think that they are all on steroids... or something!

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