Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 11: Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

Everytime we get off the ship, there are photographers wanting to take our picture. So today I greeted the girl who wanted to take our picture and told her I wanted to take her picture! So she put on this great pose! It turns out this girl was from Vancouver, Canada... and Shirley had a fun, brief visit with her.

Then we all took each other’s picture in front of this “Welcome to Huatulco” sign. As persistent as the ships photographers are, when we see the pictures they take of us, we usually pass.

Together with Lorne and Gail we hired our own cab to take us around and see the sights. I took this photo of Nacho, our cab driver, with Gail, Lorne and Shirley. When he told us his name I asked him if his brother's name was Burrito? ... and how long were his ma and pa in the restaurant business?

Nacho took us to this lighthouse where we could see both ways up and down the coastline.

What a fantastic view! ... and besides it was yet another great day with no rain! Perfect for sightseeing!

From another viewpoint we could see our ship in the harbour... doesn't it look great? I just love the colour of the water.

Nacho told us how cheap the golf was in this town... but when we asked him to take us there so we could check it out, turns out he was wrong, so our dreams of playing a round here quickly evaporated and we carried on with the sightseeing. It would have been close to $200 USD for each of us to play here... almost 10 times what we have been paying in Tucson.

This beach did not seem at all busy... but it sure looked inviting.

Our taxi driver told us that these ladies sitting in the shade were here to do mud baths... but I know embroidery when I see it.

From the outside this church looked pretty ordinary... but inside it was full of the most amazing art!

The ceilings were full of such colorful paintings... all done by some local artist, no doubt. Clearly it wasn't done by Marc Chagall... but it was really well done!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is some more church art without comment.

Shirley got this stained glass window with her telephoto. I love the simplicity and the colours!

We are on a roll. Immediately after seeing all this great religious art, Shirley spots this huge paper mache guitar player... which I am sure draws in lots of customers. Isn't he a winner?

For our last stop Nacho took us to a textile weaving shop. The shuttle loom, which is pretty old technology, was amazing to watch... and in very little time while we were there we saw him add about a 12 inches to the blanket he was working on.

I just loved the colors in this place.

Aren't they wonderful?

And the colours continue into their license plate. Just in case we never get back here, I took this photo of their license plate. I have this goal to collect license plates from the places we visit. Is that a sick idea, or what? We will have to wait and see how many plates I can get.

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