Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 15: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It was exciting today to leave our cruise ship on the tender boat... hoping that we might get to see the rock with a hole in it. In one of those rocks there is a big hole... I know because I made a painting of El Arco Cabo San Lucas from a photo of it. It would be awesome to see this famous landmark in person.

On route to shore we were impressed by all of the condo developments along the waterfront.

As we were coming in to dock we saw these prime residences with an active water view... there is always something going on in the harbour.

As good luck would have it, we had a friend in Cabo today, and via email we made arrangements for him to meet us near the dock... hence this photo of Senor Greenbergs, where we spent our first hour with him catching up.

He showed us into one of the many golf course communities in San Jose del Cabo... the private Querencia golf community. The money that is being spent on the homes here could blow one away... as evidenced by the stone entrance details here.

Cabo has become the golf Mecca of Mexico, with 16 top rated golf courses. Some are private... some semi-private and some public. You can tell this is not one of my photos. It wasn't a "blue sky" day for us, however we enjoyed two weeks of no rain, except for a few minutes once in a rain forest we visited... and that was allowed! Above is the Palmilla Golf Club Arroyo Course #7.

On the way to where he had built his house we walked past an old fallen down rock wall, he said was built by some previous land owner to keep the cattle in... or out. But today it was doing neither.

He pointed out the part of the site he has given for a new home for deserted children here. In the foreground on the knoll will one day be a home for these needy kids.

Despite all that he did to protect his property, it is hard to make anything fool proof... fools are so ingenious! The devils not only broke in thru a concrete roof, but they striped the house of every door, fixture and interior block that was not poured solid with concrete.

On our way back to the car we encountered several cattle grazing on his land. No problemo. But once in the car heading back to the ship, in the most remote part of the country, the local police stopped him for not wearing his seatbelt. Go figure. Hundreds of Mexicans ride in the back of pick-up trucks without seatbelts every day and never get stopped. But they saw him as a chance to get some easy quick cash. Welcome to Mexico.

We made it back in time to catch our tender to take us back to the Coral Princess... and met this sailboat coming back from an excursion with more tourists to also catch a ride back to their ship. We all had a wonderful day exploring.

After we were all back on board, as our ship pulled out of the bay, we had a chance to get the right angle on "El Arco de Cabo San Lucas." Our day was now complete. What to do next? The "eating competition" was almost over... maybe we could go to the theatre to watch some mindless dribble... "The Time Travellers Wife."

Actually, Lorne and I walked out of the movie and went up top to play shuffleboard. After a game with each other, we invited another couple from Winnipeg, Manitoba to a match... Sarah and Art Martin. What a perfect way to end the day. Watching the dolphins jumping as we tried to knock our opponent’s puck out of counting and into the -10 box!

The end of the day. The end of the week. Almost the end of the cruise. One more day at sea and the next morning we disembark in LA. and fly back to Tucson.

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