Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gratitude... is Beautiful

Today I am grateful for friends and relatives who send me cool stuff.  In the little movie below you will see several things we should be grateful for that we never even give a thought about.

Before Christmas my cousin Janice sent me a link to a short movie that really spoke to me.  It has lots of time lapse photography and awesome photos... and a great message.  Can you spare six minutes?  It is so worth the time and inspiration.   I dream that some day I can make a short movie like this one.

This past week as we travelled back to Canada we reconnected with some friends we have not seen in over 22 years.  Nyren Compton taught our kids at Okanagan Adventist Academy in Kelowna, BC.  We visited over tea... and kind of caught up on parts of our lives.  Chris has started a new business... making gift cookies... and Nyren is helping with the marketing... they call it I Love Comptons.  Click and check it out.

I love good cookies and never can get too many home made cookies... and Chris has mastered this to a fine art.  We wish them all the very best as they grow their new enterprise.

Today we are grateful for Shirley's mother... who is just recovering from pneumonia.  When we decided to come here first before going home we thought she may be on her last legs... she had problems more than pneumonia.  Arriving in town last night we went straight to see her first... and she amazed us with her bright smile and warm welcome.  She never coughed once... and told us she was feeling much better.  She looked a miracle to me.

This afternoon she played scrabble with Shirley, Bobbie and Uncle Ben... and beat them all royally... complete with a 7-letter word!  Go figure.  It looks like she is pretty much back to normal.  PTL!

So tomorrow we are heading home again.

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