Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Favourite Trail, Edith Point

We like to invite our guests that visit Mayne Island to come on our favourite walk out to Edith Point.

There are three trails that go out to the point... all on private property.  We all went out on the Middle Trail, which is wider with gentle ups and downs.

Geoff caught this cute photo of Marci and Shirley in a fun pose.

As we got near to the Point we went off the Middle Trail to the Outside Trail and walked the last few minutes beside the ocean where we often can watch sea life.  The tide was out... and a sea gull was looking for opportunities.

Marci was happy to get to the Point and welcomed the chance to sit down... where she slid into laying down for a little rest.

This massive rock at the Point looks a bit like a natural sculpture of a sea lion with it's head missing.

There are lots of huge rocks, worn with the wind, water and storms... and with a little imagination one can see many different natural sculptures of animals.  Do you see the smiling face?

I always enjoy exploring around on the weather worn rocks.

Shirley visits with Geoff and Marci Paynter as they sit around on the rocks... solid comfort!

The owners of the Edith Point property built their house at the point by bringing in most of the building supplies by barge... there is no vehicle access to the house... just an ATV wide trail.  The sub-trades had to walk in to work... or bring some tools and stuff by ATV and wagon.

As we were leaving the Point an Arbutus tree provides a colourful background for a photo.

Several Garry Oaks struggle to survive at Edith Point, where the exposure to the winter storms takes it's tole.

On the way back we left the trail to explore in the rocks along the shore line.  I always try to look for messages in the rocks... I think the little holes contain a code to decipher.   This almost looks like a map of the Unites States and the border between Canada, with major cities shown by the holes.

Marci and Shirley went back on the same Middle Trail we came out on... but Geoff and I went back on the Inside Trail... which goes past the owners entry gate and follows the shoreline about 80 to 100 feet above sea level.

Close up photos of house number and fish on the gate.

There is certainly an abundance of arbutus trees along the trail.

We took several photos of the seals and sea lions basking in the sun and playing around on the rocks and in the water.  I think we counted 10 to 12 of them.

A couple of seals enjoying each other.

When we got back from the Edith Point walk we took our friends to the lighthouse at Georgina Point... and got another chance to take photos of seagulls and seals.


  1. That centre trail is a great 'talking trail'...not lots of distractions, very comfortable for walking and solving all the troubles of the world.

    Thanks for the memories...

  2. Such a lovely spot that is! I love all the weather-beaten rocks and wood, it's just so beautiful... when that house goes on the market...!