Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

My son told me that he was missing my blog posts... hadn't seen one in quite a while.  So I thought that once in blue moon I could do another post.  As it turned out, last night we had the rare opportunity to see a blue moon.

I awoke in the night and the moonlight was streaming thru the skylights in our bedroom.

So I went out on the deck with my camera on a tripod and spent the next 15 minutes trying to get a decent shot of this baby.  In the end the photo I liked best was taken in 1/2500th of a second at f5.6 with an 80- 400 mm Nikon lens at full zoom.

This was taken with my favourite Nikon zoom 18-200 zoom lens... with just a single exposure on auto. Also at f5.6 but for 1.6 seconds... hence the over exposed moon.

Can anyone tell me how this happened?

It makes no sense to me... but was kind of a cool shot, eh?


  1. Very cool shot...the first one is superb!

  2. must be some smoke in the sky to get that nice blue.. no filters? the second one is very cool too -- how long was the exposure? looks almost like there was a "bump" in the middle that repositioned the camera..

  3. I agree with your son: I miss your blogging. Beautiful moon shots. I love the blue tint on the first one. :-)

  4. I think its a reflection off the inside barrel of the lens. If you look closely the reflection in the 2nd image is a mirror of the 1st image.