Saturday, February 18, 2012

Learn Something New Every Day -February 15-18 2012

February 15, 2012  Quote of the Day is thanks to the Happiness Project:  

“Contemplate the extent and stability of the heavens, and then at least cease to admire worthless things." 

I really needed to read this quote today!  I know that some days it would have been better for me to just look at the sky and contemplate the heavens... and stayed away from the market. It is a trick to know how to ride the horse in the direction that it is going.  A cowboy has a lot less problem understanding that then does a stock trader.

February 16, 2012  Received an email from the Elevation Group asking, “Are 100% returns per year possible?”  They say “yes” if you know Senen Pousa of Investment Intelligence Corporation, Brisbane, Australia.  Mike Dillard has just returned from Australia where he spent several days talking to Senen.

It was a most interesting story to follow Senen’s trail of research that led him to the highest yielding passive investments on planet earth.  It makes one pause and wonder, “If it seems to good to be true, it just might be.” 

However, when it comes to doing research, it is often the case that one tends to find what one is looking for... if one is persistent in the pursuit for truth.  And Senen has been one persistent researcher.

Senen will be doing a live Webinar this coming Wednesday evening with Mike Dillard, founder of the Elevation Group where members will have opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from the guru.  Should be interesting.  To learn more about the Elevation Group click this link.

Photographer: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images copied from Bloomberg Feb 16, 2012
February 17, 2012  What is Linsanity?  Today I learned a new word.  I saw this word on CNBC early in the morning and it made no sense to me.  Then on Bloomberg later this headline caught my eye: ‘Linsanity’ Contender for Word of the Year.  So I find out for the first time about this meteoric rise to popularity of Jeremy Lin and his Linderalla story… how a past bench warmer, who was turned down by two other NBA teams, has been sleeping on his brothers couch... this guy scored a career high 38 points, out dueling Kobe Bryant in only his fourth career start, hitting a game-winning 3-point shot against the Toronto Raptors in the final half-second of the game.

Then I saw another headline: “Lin vs. Tebow: Who Does God Love More?  Both thanked the Almighty for their phenomenal successes.  Does He return the love?  Both have become known for their outward professions of faith.  Tebow with his prayerful knee in the end zone… and Lin… His twitter icon has Jesus saying, “No, I’m not talking about Twitter.  I literally want you to follow me.”  Lin claims to have thought about becoming a pastor if his NBA career had failed, which it almost did.  So now you know. That is what the Linsanity is all about!

February 18, 2012  Today I learned how to post a YouTube video on my blog.  Here is another example of teaching an old dog a new trick... and I did it today all by myself using HTML.  Pretty cool, eh?

I'm not a huge basketball fan, but when you watch this amazing guy perform under pressure... he is amazing!  It is just plain Linsanity!  ...a rush to a new hero.


  1. Isn't Jeremy Lin amazing? I forgot how much I enjoy watching basketball.

    Nice week, Pa. Lots 'o learnin' going on!

  2. You are just one learnin' machine, now aren't you? And that is a very good thing. Proud of you.