Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learn Something Every Day -Scotland Travel

January 30, 12 Cousin Maureen sent us a great website with 7 different self-guided hikes in Scotland… each one has numerous photos and they offer a variety of services, B & B’s, maps, etc.  I think you will agree it is a wonderful website.  I likely spent an hour looking at different hikes on that Hillwalk Scotland site… including one that goes right past St. Andrews golf course.  How wonderful it that?  http://www.hillwalk-scotland.com/  I signed up for their newsletter.

January 31, 2012  I have been looking at some quotes about change.  It seems like I need to make a few changes… not the least, of which is trading offices with Shirley.

“Change before you have to.” –Jack Welsh, past CEO of G.E. 

“Change means that what was before wasn’t perfect.  People want things to be better." –Esther Dyson

“Change is such hard work.”  -Billy Crystal

Today I made the final decision to switch offices with Shirley.  She has tried to figure out how to rearrange my room so I would not have my back to the door.  The problem is that there are two doors in my office… one goes outside and looks into Shirley’s garden.  The other enters off the living room.  Shirley is the best… and if she can’t figure it out it cannot be done.  (Or is it that Shirley just wants my office?  hummm)

It is not going to be a simple move… we each have a lot of stuff.  There is no satellite TV in her office… so that will have to be fixed.  But Feng Shui or not, it is never good interior design to work at your desk with you’re your back to a door.  My trading coach says that if you have your back to the door all your money will go out the door.  Yikes!  So the sooner I get moved the better.  Do you think I can blame my trading losses on sitting at a computer with my back to the door?  Is this going to be another lesson learned the hard way?


  1. OK, it is really hard to believe that you are actually giving credence to this two doors thing, but it is what it is... I guess the question of the day is why is it OK for Mom's back to be to the door? Her art is going to go downhill FAST.

    (Mostly joking. But there's a piece of me that's not.)

  2. Ever since we moved here, nearly 10 years ago, I have loved that little room. So I am happy to be there (just barely moved in). When Seth came to visit that first summer he and I would spread out in that little room and play games on the floor. Happy memories.

    It has been a big job to move so I will be happy to get some serious rest now.

    It seems that I am not so superstitious as I thought I was. But the way I have my new office set up I do not have my back to any door either (unless I am playing the Korg).

    So, Sherilee, I will be lovin' my new spot. I can make any room comfortable and will work it over more than once, I am sure. It will be a room of my own soon.

  3. "A Room With a View!" One of the nicest in the house.

    No doubt that room will get arranged... and re-arranged several times. Change is good. And it will get better with each modification. I have seen the process many times over the years.

    I have enjoyed that room a lot... and now it is your turn. I look forward to seeing how you will make it all yours.

    Thank you, Shirley, for taking the bull by the teeth and making it happen... painful as the transition is... in the end it will be wonderful. And if it isn't wonderful, it isn't the end yet.

  4. So I am now mentioned on your blog, it is a wonderful website. One of these days, maybe, go to Scotland again. First cruise this year to Panama in April, thought it would be nice to travel on it before the new locks. Then again after new locks open.

  5. some how my Name came up Unknown,should be Maureen, which I hope have corrected. love all your updates about the new addition.