Monday, January 2, 2012

Clickity Click

It is interesting to compare the clicks at the beginning of the year.

My John Deere tractor starts the New Year with 373.7 hours... about 75 hours added this past year.  That is about twice what I usually use the tractor.  We did some serious tree removal and site levelling behind the greenhouse... plus all the construction work.  Removing and backfilling the foundations... removing stumps... carrying rocks... plus lifting up beams, plywood, lumber to save physical labour.

The Ford 350 starts the year with 159,951 km... cool mirror number, eh?  Almost 160 k's... which is 100,000 miles.  We added just over 7,000 km's this past year.  We use the truck more than the car to go to Victoria as we always have a load of something to bring back home.  Over the past two years we have brought 66 loads of gravel for our community driveway.... plus 10 loads of navy jack for concrete I mixed on site.  We have hauled lots of lumber, plywood, insulation and drywall. for our reno project.  I would hate to live here on this island without this truck.

Shirley's car starts the year with 46,918 km... about 7,500 more in one year.  We took one trip to California, and a couple to Kelowna.  A couple times to Cannon Beach... once to Bainbridge Island to Shelby's place in the photo above.. not all that much. We didn't even get to Walla Walla this year!  Ooops!  But we had a lovely Thanksbirthmas 2011 with you.

Our combined kilometers driven was about 14,500... which is about 9,000 miles in 2012.  That is more than half of what we used to do in the Okanagan.

Vehicle insurance dropped about 25% when we moved to Mayne Island... I guess they know that islanders don't chalk up the miles as much as mainlanders.

The thing I learned today was that the reason it's so hard to win in the stock market today is that we cannot compete against the robots.  Computers are programmed to trade stocks.  All the major traders have robots... so I have decided if you can't beat 'em you gotta join 'em.  So, move over... I'm coming.  Thank you John Carter at and Mike Dillard for lesson 13 in the Elevation Group.

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  1. Nice! Looking forward to the recap next January. :-)