Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Are those all blooming right now? How is that possible?

    I love the last one *especially*!

  2. Sherilee, that last one I shot by guess and by golly... just held the camera on the ground and shot up thru the stems, depending on luck and autofocus.

    I took these photos last week Wednesday, before going to Kelowna for the weekend. They are a wonderful group of Doronicums growing in the very centre of our sunken garden.

    Shirley has plans to take a few of them from around the sides and move them this fall so we can have several more places where we can enjoy them.

    Since we didn't buy them or plant them, I suspect that Jack or Sonja must have planted them there more than a dozen years ago...

    They are only about ten feet north of the septic tank!

    It was fun to do a series of the same flower.

  3. They are a bright spot in our yard...they are doing better now that we have cleaned up the sunken garden area as much as we have...

    Nice photos, Sherwin. Very nice, indeed.

    They are sunny...