Monday, May 16, 2011

Do You Believe in Angels?

There is nothing more frustrating than an appliance problem... and nothing more satisfying than getting the problems fixed and restoring equilibrium to our part of the planet.

I called this morning and got the good word that the repairs were complete and we could pick up our fridge.  There were 5 guys who unloaded this beast... but just three guys loaded it onto our truck today.

We were so happy to get this fridge home without incident... but not without a good scare!  Coming down the Pat Bay Highway to catch the ferry Shirley told me that it looked like the fridge was tipping over.  I looked in the mirror and sure enough... it was leaning back a fair bit.   Wind resistance at 90 kph was pushing it over... and only the rope and an angel kept it from flipping it over in the back of the truck.  Wow, was that a close call.  I quickly slowed down and the fridge came back down onto all fours.  I think our guardian angels were back there keeping that fridge from crashing over.

I chose to back the truck up our driveway from Tinker.... about one kilometre.  Didn't want the beast to slide back or fall over on our steep hill.  Once  home it was pretty easy to get the fridge onto the tractor bucket extension and deliver it to the front door.

We knew we had to take off the front door to get it thru without a hassle...

And it wasn't very long after getting home before we had it plugged in and starting to cool.  Life is now back to normal at our house.  PTL!

Now I am waiting to see if the hardwood dries out and returns to it's previous flat look.  Only time will tell.

"These things I warmly wish for you.
Someone to love, 
Some work to do,
A bit of sun, 
A bit o' cheer,
And a guardian angel always near."
-Irish Blessing

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  1. Oh yes, what a relief to get up the hill and install that fridge into its little niche. I continue to be amazed how you can back up for long distances without running off the did it like a pro. And our road is not a straight shot, that is for sure. You did good, man!!!

    I do believe you were right about the angels watching over us. They sit on our fenders a lot and have for many, many years now.

    Thanks Bear.

  2. Wow! I'm always amazed at the strength people have...I can't lift any major appliance in our home! I'm sure the angels were watching to make sure all was well. Funny how our washing machine just got taken for repairs last week...I hope they bring it back to us safely soon as well!

  3. Holy cow, Pa. I just about had a heart attack, reading about the tipping. I can only imagine how it felt to see that tipping! So glad you got it home safe and sound.

  4. Wow! Definitely a miracle that the fridge didn't tip! After all of that, you must feel SO relieved every time you walk into the kitchen and see the fridge in its place and hear it humming away. I really don't know what I would do without a fridge, even for just a few days.

  5. I am amazed with the backing up, Sherwin--not something I would want to try!!You are right, Shirley Ann, those same angels were still on the fenders all the way home!!!