Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF Grateful List

What a week!  I have so much to be thankful for... and besides that it's Friday!

I am thankful for my sweetheart!  Shirley Ann is the happiest person I know... and she is always so encouraging to everyone.  She can find something good in almost any situation.

I am grateful that Shelby and family were home last weekend... we had such a good time together.  They had never been to Edith Point, which is one of favourite places to go hiking.  It was cute to see how Lucy could use a sore elbow to negotiate a free ride on her dad's shoulders!

I am always grateful for a picnic lunch... and on this sunny but chilly day we found a sheltered spot at Edith Point where we made almost all the food disappear.  Even Beatrice helped... with her longing eyes she wooed us into compliance and was generously rewarded.

I am grateful for photography.  Isn't it wonderful how today everyone has a camera.  If you have a phone today, you almost always have a camera.  And it is so easy now to share our photos.  Here Shelby is doing a semi-professional photo shoot of his eldest daughter, Maizy... while Beatrice is nudging up with her request... "Take my picture too!" For more photos and humour check out Shelby's blog.

I am grateful for Maizy, our eldest grand-daughter.  She is growing up so quickly!  And what a talented artist she already is.  I bet she drew a dozen pictures while she was with us last weekend.  There were so many on the floor at one time we considered how nice it would be to paper the floor with them.

I am grateful for Lucy, who is now seven years old... and so full of life and energy.  There is never a dull moment when she is around.

I am grateful for the snow... grateful that it was on Mt. Baker and not on Mayne Island.  This past week I was able to use the power washer on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to take the moss off the driveway.  Wednesday my power washer was frozen and wouldn't start, so I just pulled it into the workshop and put a little cube heater on to it for an hour while Shirley and I had our walk.  When we got back it started with no problem and in spite of it being minus two C. I power washed another section.  

Meanwhile just 18 miles away in Victoria they got six inches of snow and traffic was snarled up on the Pat Bay Highway.  We never got a flake!  Mike at Trio Gravel Mart told me today it took him two hours to drive six miles to work yesterday. 

I am grateful for the curiosity of young children.  Would it be that we would never lose this quality.  Here our grand-daughters are peering with wonder into a hole in the base of an Arbutus tree, wondering if Mr. Racoon or Mr. Rabbit might have it's home there... careful if per chance they might fall in and have an "Alice in Wonderland" experience.

I am grateful to have my MacBook Pro now operating with Windows 7!!!  Rob, the Apple rep at Future Shop help me with the install today.  When we finished I was so happy to see the Windows log come up on the screen... but the Rob didn't want me to make to big a deal about it... he didn't want me drawing the attention of nearby customers to see such an aberration in their store. 

So why did I do it?  The stock trading platform I use is only available for a conventional Windows operating system.  The final straw in making the decision to go with a Mac this time was it had to be able to run the trading system software.

I am grateful for the way MacBook handles photos... and now that I have got used to it I am just delighted how slick and quickly one can crop, straighten, edit and fix little things on the photos.  Anything with photos is a dream to work with now... it makes doing slide shows a delight.  As my kids would say, "I've been drinking the Kool Aide too long."

I am grateful for a delightful afternoon in Victoria.  After getting my computer set up with Windows, Shirley and I went to IMAX for a double feature Arabia" and "Horses."  Since we have seasons passes, we just have to get our money's worth, right?  Both were awesome photography and interesting stories.

There was just enough time to go out for a special three-course dinner before catching the last ferry home.  This was our first Groupon Coupon that we have used... and at a very nice place... the Black Olive on Pandora Street.  

The trip home was longer than usual... the route tonight went to Galiano first before coming to Mayne.  But the time went fast when you can spent it on the computer.  I am very grateful for having 3G sticks... both Shirley and I were able to do a lot of blogging as we travelled home.

The Quote of the Day:  

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." -Marcel Proust

Tell me... what are you grateful for today?


  1. It was a good weekend but always too fast. We could have bored the children with all those slides I am going to go through by myself. :) We are grateful for their time and fortunate to have them.

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  3. You got some great photos of the kids down at the end of the trail. All mine came out too overexposed on the trail and then when we got to Edith Point I was too interested in doling out food. Missed my time.