Saturday, February 19, 2011

My End of the Week Grateful List

After a week with very few sunsets, several snow storms, twice with hail... we were grateful to see even a modest sunset Friday evening.  I kick myself for not taking any photos of the snow this week, which melted almost immediately upon falling.

I am always grateful for the opportunity to be able to do rock work... and this week I was able to work outside four afternoons and complete facing some ugly concrete sono-tube post foundations for our sun deck. Again I regret not taking photos of the work in progress, but I took footings that looked like this...

and made faced them with sandstone to hid the round concrete footing.  It bothered me that the post did not sit in the center of the round foundation, so I cut part of the front edge off before applying the rock.

Here you can see all three posts that I did.  The rock curb in front will contain a planter with soil that will fill up the base of the middle post footing.  It was one of those fiddly little jobs that take a crazy amount of time to produce such a small area of rock facing.

This is my neighbour Jack's driveway off Heck Hill... where I have re-shaped it so the water now runs off it into the ditch instead of all coming across the intersection.

I am grateful to have a sweetheart who isn't afraid to drive our truck with a load of gravel... and this week brought two more loads back from Victoria for this driveway.

I have been keeping an eye on our neighbours place... Jack still lives mostly in Bermuda.  This week the  ramp onto the front step was replaced by a couple of small steps.  Later Jack plans to have a larger landing/step that will sit on the concrete house foundation and hide it.

Update on the Artichoke War... we are grateful for a victory!  Shirley picked up artichokes again this week at SaveOn Foods and at last the price has been changed... now $1.99 for the smaller artichokes... but not for the grand size that is in this photo!

We are grateful to have our son Shelby and family home for the long weekend.  Monday is Family Day here in Canada... except in Prince Edward Island it is called "Islander Day."  Check it out.  I like that... I think we could call it Islander Day too, don't you?

I am grateful for my daughter Sherilee and her faithfulness in consistently posting her Friday Night Grateful Moment every week.  I always look forward to reading it.

"Its funny that those things your kids did that got on your nerves seem so cute when your grandchildren do them."

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  1. Great rock work--I can tell you put in a lot of hours making it all look so amazing.
    And I love your quote at the end about grandchildren--how very true that is.