Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grateful for Today

I am always grateful for today.

Today I was thinking
how grateful I am to be born at this time in earth's history.

Today we can do things our ancestors never even dreamed possible.
We have time-saving devices that make life easier...
Yet we still never have enough time.

What is the best time of my life?
Today is all we have.
The memories of the past are great...
but each new day gives us a fresh page
on which to write a new memory.

Today I did something I will always remember.
For almost 10 years I have been annoyed
by a rut across the road to our home.
We share a common driveway with seven neighbors.
In one place water flows across the road
wearing an ever deepening rut with each rainfall.
I have gone with my tractor several times and filled it in
which only lasts for a little while.
A culvert was never installed where it should have been
when the subdivision was originally done.
Neighbors cannot agree on improving or maintaining the road.
So, I decided to just do it myself today.
I went and puchased a galvanized steel culvert on Friday morning.
After lunch, with the help of Richard Lucas,
one of the neighbors, we got it installed.
With my tractor, a pick and shovel we dug the trench
thru a very tough, rocky road bed.
Richard offered some sandy gravel from his stock pile
to dress the top after the pipe was backfilled.
It not only looks fantastic,
but it put an end to the recurring rut.
I will never forget today.

"You must live in the present,
 launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
Fools stand on their island opportunities
 and look toward another land.
There is no other land,
there is no other life but this."
-Henry David Thoreau

What is the best time of your life?


  1. Yeah for you and Richard! Glad you got that done, must feel really good. :)

  2. Yes, it feels so good. It meant a lot to work together with Richard again and to visit a bit as we worked.

  3. Great words, Sherwin and so very true--all we have is the present and it is our attitude that makes it what it is--I like the first day of a month--to me it is new beginnings full of all kinds of possibilities.