Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grateful Thoughts -May 29, 2010

We are grateful to still discover some flowers that come up in our yard where we don't remember seeing them before.  Like this lone iris that bloomed this spring in the center of the sunken garden where I just completed the stone wall. It seems like we have a lot of flowers blooming at this time that are purple.

Like these chives that are really doing quite well... the bees just love them!

And we still have lilacs blooming.

We were grateful to get a letter back from US Airways this week.  We had sent off a request for compensation for a hotel room that we missed due to our plane arriving too late to make our connection between Phoenix and Ft. Lauderdale.  To our amazement they gave us each a travel voucher for $125. PTL.  

This past week I got started on a new rock project on the view side of our house.  It will be a curved stair that will connect with the sidewalk that comes around to the basement/crawl space of our house.  When it is done it will have 13 steps.  I have 5 steps done so far, even though this picture omly shows the second one in progress.

This weekend we are grateful to have Shelby and family home.  Of course Shirley has prepared lots of special food.  Lucy is pretending to have a big moustache with her cookie!

After lunch we had a lot of fun and went to Piggot Bay to play on the beach.

But I think Beatrice enjoyed it as much we all did.  She loved to go fetch the ball and didn't seem to tire of retrieving it.

Beatrice would run after that ball again and again and faithfully bring it back so Shelby could throw it again.

Shelby, Kim and Lucy relaxing...

and here is Maizy, the budding artist!  ...soon to be ten years old in July.

When we finally got home, Beatrice was the first one to have a bath and get all cleaned up!


  1. It was wonderful to come across your blog Sherwin. We moved to Mayne Island three years ago in May and greatly enjoy Mayne Island life. Maybe we will meet someday... who knows - it is not a big island but we seem to be sparsely connected. Terrill

  2. That stone staircase looks like you transplanted some skills from Navajoa to Mayne Island.