Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grateful Thoughts -May 22, 2010

I like the tradition of taking time to make a Grateful List each week. This morning I did a little walk around with my camera and took some pictures for the blog. 

I am grateful for flowers... many that just happen on our property.  This cheerful one is called Oregon Sunshine. 

Out of this bud in two weeks...

Came this flower... Hookers Onion. It has been fun to watch it develop.  In two weeks notice how the grass has died.

I am grateful that my sweetheart loves flowers!  Shirley came home from town yesterday with this Peony... it has a picture of the flower that says, "Actual Size."  ...and with that they get $49 today for future value of a one gallon size! 

I am grateful for a leather hole punch. I have been having trouble keeping my pants up.  In about 16 months I have had to punch 4 more holes into this new Christmas present belt.  My work belt has 5 extra holes.  In the same time I am grateful to have lost 28 pounds and 4 inches around my waist. The running is paying off.  PTL!

I am really grateful for full time Internet again.  We have been using 3-G sticks since getting home from our winter holiday... and just yesterday our service got back in business and we are now up and running.  At last equilibrium has been restored to this part of the planet.

I am really grateful to be done with this rock wall. We still have to finish planting... and irrigation. But that will go much quicker than building the wall.

The upper wall was built two years ago... it is about 48 feet long.

This new lower wall measures about 90 feet.
Now I am getting started on the next rock project... the curved stairway.  Two stairs done and 11 more to go.  This is the trickiest rockwork I have attempted yet... and really look forward to seeing this one done before the end of June.  All the rocks in these projects have been found on this hill where we live.

I am grateful for my dear sweetheart.  Here Shirley thinks she is helping balance the weight of the heavy rock.    We brought two large rocks to cover the stumps of the two largest trees that we removed along the driveway near the top of the hill. 

I am also grateful for my other dear... my John Deere.  Seldom a day goes by without using our tractor for one project or another.  Cool using the self timer with camera on tripod for these self portraits, eh?  It gives about 10 seconds to run and get into the picture.

We are grateful for the birds here.  This crow was doing what crows are famous for... crowing!  And while I was busy capturing his caws...

This BC Celebration ferry came cruising by on its way to Swartz Bay.  Long after the 2010 Olympics it still has the huge colorful graphics advertising the winter Olympics here.  Notice the sailboats in the top of the photo.  What you don't see is about two dozen other boats doing a regatta near Salt Spring Island.

I am grateful for the widlife we see daily here.  Twice this week the captian on the ferry announced sightings of whales along side our boat.

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  1. Nice list, Pa. Such beautiful flowers!

    Speaking of Olympic signage, I was struck by how much candy at the Save-On in Kelowna still had Olympic packaging... either they made too much candy or it was old candy or something. But there was still a lot of it!