Sunday, February 7, 2010

Toenails & Strip Malls

Almost upon arrival Shirley was attracted to one of these nail shops adjacent to our hotel called “Maize Nails.” Tucson is a city with 1000's of strip malls, and Shirley thinks every one has a nail place... kind of like the "anchor tenant."

There is also one very close by called “Kim's Nails.” I expect to see “Sher’s Nails" real soon! Shirley kept telling me that she wanted to go and get her toenails done. When I asked how much they usually charge to do toenails she thought it might be $20. She inquired at Maize's Nails and found out they charge $27.

To which I responded, for that price I could go golfing, including a cart! So, I made her THE OFFER. I am an artist and I think I can paint your toenails... and I won`t charge you anything! Just let me try it once and if you are not completely happy, I won’t argue about you having someone else do it.

So she accepted my offer... and she thought I did an outstanding job! But I forgot to put a “Confidentially and None Disclosure” clause into the offer. You know how women will talk? Well, on Friday after golfing, I asked to be dropped off at Stan and Sharyl's... Stan needed me to give him a hand. In the first minute after I get out of the car I was approached by Sharyl to do her toenails! All my golfing buddies and Stanley were there... what a hoot! Why do I think I haven’t heard the end of this?

Pretty good job, eh?

One clown asked another clown, “Why do elephants paint their toenails red?”

The second clown thought, and replied that he didn’t know.

The first clown said, “So they can hide in cherry trees! Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?”

“No,” replied the second clown.

“See how well it works!”

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  1. loving it! although thinking that shirley may take offense to the only joke that popped to mind was about an elephant with painted nails.
    just kidding!
    wow - you can golf with a cart for $20??? no wonder the canadians all go to arizona for the winter! can't remember the last time we saw fees that low... even with exchange!
    play like there's no tomorrow! Love M