Monday, February 15, 2010

DeGrazia Adobe Gallery -Part II

Shirley really was drawn to this large stone mosaic piece. It is about 12 feet long and 8 feet high.

There are thousands of tiny pieces of rock cut to less than 1/2 inch by one inch and set in cement to tell the story. Very beautiful work.

This close up shot shows the variety of size and colors the artist used to create this beautiful piece.

Ted DeGrazia was a versatile artist, capable of producing works in a variety of mediums. He did several stained glass pieces.

I love the colours and the action of this simple stained glass work.

You can feel the movement of these wild horses as they run free.

The roundup... you can feel the dust and the sweat as the cowboys bring in the cattle.

Picking a horse and making a deal.

Can you feel the action at this cock fight? The feathers are flying!

There were two rooms dedicated to the "Stations of the Cross." Both were done in different styles... but I really liked the colors and the mood that were captured in this one of Jesus carrying the cross.

In several places flowers made from pop cans decorate archways both inside and out.

DeGrazia loved children and he taught them this simple craft project. There is no end of possible designs and color combinations.

Here at the front entrance of the gallery pop can flowers add cheer and invite you into this creative environment.

These heavy metal doors combine colorful glass marbles that fit into the design, so when you come out from the gallery on a sunny day, colorful "stars" are shining brightly in this door. Unfortunately we could not get a photo of this detail, but the creativity here never stops.

It took a lot of work to cut cactus into blocks and set them in concrete to create this design in the main walkway to the rooms that had the stations of the cross.

Everywhere you look one can see where Ted DeGrazia left his creative touch. Even in this counter where we stopped to pay for the few items we purchased, he made an interesting design on the front.

A Little Chuckle
Artist Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his new chateau. The intruder got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what he looked like. On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a mother superior, the minister of finance, a washing machine, and the Eiffel tower.

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