Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Blog, New Name

Winter sunrise from our deck

Most people know the old carpenters adage, “Measure twice, cut once.” I thank my son-in-law, Alan, for suggesting it. When I encountered too many problems trying to work with my old blog, Sherilee suggested that it may be easier to just start over with a new blog and a new name. But what could I call it?

So I asked for help… just give me five minutes of brainstorming and help me to come up with a new blog name. And so Alan, Seth and Sherilee all got their heads together and came back to me with an awesome list of possibilities. Alan’s idea was perfect, “Measure Twice, Cut Once.”

I also liked Sher’s idea “I Did it My Way.” She knows her dad! So I kind of put them both together to come up with, “Measure Once, Cut Twice.” That is more like me. Thank you Sherilee and Alan.

It goes good with, “I’ve cut it three times and it’s still too short!”

Wordle - New Year's Resolutions: "Wordle: New Year's Resolutions"
Click on the picture to make it larger

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst,
for they are sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions!”

There is no doubt more people in North America
have made goals to lose weight in this New Year. WTG!

It’s easy if you can just remember to eat less and exercise more.
As important as it is to eat the right things… less fat, less sugar, less refined grains and more unprocessed foods, I have concluded that it is not as important WHAT you eat, as it is HOW MUCH you eat. Moderation is the key.

This next quote has helped me keep things in perspective.

“Moderation is not about enjoying less, but about enjoying better. It allows me to be the master and not the slave of my pleasures.”

GPS map of my last 13.5 km run around the island.

Shirley got me a heart rate monitor for my birthday, and as a bonus it also has GPS, which not only can measure the distance ran, the time elapsed, the elevation changes, it also has a cool map of your route.

Shortly after we first moved to Mayne Island, we embarked on a long walk to the village center and back, using the circle route shown in the yellow line on the GPS map above. It took us over two and a half hours, since we walked the entire way... and we stopped at the bakery in the village for muffin and hot chocolate! Now that we are both running a lot more than walking, I have knocked about an hour off of that time. Shirley said the other day, "Isn't amazing how the walks we used to take that seemed so far don't seem nearly so long now!"


  1. I love your new blog Sherwin--will be looking forward to all your comments and quotes--you know how I love quotes!!!The sunrise picture is beautiful beyond words--totally amazing!!!

  2. Congratulations is good to see it work for you. You will find it gets easier and easier to publish. I like the photo you chose for yourself. Keep those good thoughts coming. Love you.

  3. Yeah for you, Pa. Looks good! Can't wait to see where you go with this--you're off on an adventure for sure. xo