Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Golfing at Rancho del Lago... Our Home Course

This golf course has an amazing amount of birds and wildlife... and as we golfed today, we focused on capturing some of the natural beauty of this challenging course.

This is what Shirley looks like after making a par on the second hole at Rancho Del Lago Golf Club.

I thought we had to use up this TEN PLAY card or it would be worthless... but didn't realize it had already expired until I'm doing the blog and saw the date! Oooops! Too late now. Already used it!

It's only a couple of minutes to the golf course from where we live in Del Webb Rancho Del Lago. Looking back at the clubhouse from the first fairway 150 yard post.

I have never seen a more abundant ocotillo than this one near the second tee box.

Aren't the blossoms amazing?

Being snowbirds, we have always gone back to Canada end of March... but this year we had to come back to clean out our home which just sold.

To see the desert flowers in April is truly a special experience for us. And the golf course is loaded with photo opportunities.

The third hole has water which I'm sure is magnetic! It gives me a chance to see the frogs when I retrieve my ball.

These Brittlebush flowers are at the end of their blooming season.... but I sure do love them. They are so cheerful.

There are a few places on the course where the cactus gets a little abuse. Note Rincon Peak in the background.

You can see where players are storing their golf balls... and will likely never get around to retrieving them. It it like a golf ball vending machine. You see the balls... you maybe need another ball... but it's just too hard to climb up to get one.

I'm sure this poor prickly pear cactus feels like it is living in a war zone.

It is always nice to see the shy quail along the golf course... but tough to get a photo of them.

We saw several of these little ground squirrels.

And we couldn't count how many bunnies we saw.

The first time I ever played here I saw a family of javelinas... but they tend not to show up here very often. This sculpture of a javelina is from the Desert Museum. We did see a family of them the other evening near Walgreens as we went on a walk while waiting for a prescription.

I don't know how this road runner knows we just picked up a sandwich at the clubhouse after nine holes... but these guys are smart... and if you ever leave the golf cart for a minute they will soon be eating your lunch.

There is not a lot of water on the course, but Shirley did better than me on this unlucky 13th hole. With a mulligan I was able to par it.

To right in the background is Mica Mountain... a peak I'll always remember having hiked over that mountain a couple of weeks ago... 8666 feet elevation.

From the green on 14 I saw new solar panels going on the roof of a nearby house.

I have no idea what kind of flower this is... but had to catch a photo of it.

We both had a delightful day on the course... and we both had a few pars... and some chances for birdies.  It was a perfect day for golf.

As we were playing out on the last hole I caught this turtle basking in the sun. Doesn't this water look like Gatorade?

A selfie seemed like the best way to remember the day on 18.

"I find that as I am getting older the only way that I can break 90 is to take about 17 mulligans."

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