Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kapalua Coastal Trail

On the first day after arriving we went to the concierge at the Papalua Resort and asked about the best hikes on Maui. There were several, but the closest one, the Kapalula Coastal Trail, was only a short drive to the north of our hotel.

So Shelby drove us down to the farthest point of the trail and dropped us off here at Konokahua Bay.

We started at the far right on the red line of the map... 

The trail goes right between this Ritz Carlton and the ocean... we came back here for dinner with Shelby and family the next night.

Because of a lack of signs... and not watching close enough for the bend in the trail, we missed the first important corner and continued on this street thinking we could come back on the trail, if we ever found an entry to the coastal trail.

At last we found it... and we came to learn that this was Kapalua Bay.

So we walked on this beach... Shirley took off her shoes and walked in the warm sand.

Now things were looking up.  We had a trail or a path to walk on beside the ocean.

 Hopefully this would take us back to the trailhead.

The holes in these rocks were made by ancient Hawaiians to collect salt used to preserve dried fish and  meat.

But our trail didn't last very long... and soon we came to an end with a sign that told us we could not exit thru private property.

We cut thru a hotel property anyway, and came back to the same road we walked out on... past the Kapalua Golf club.

From the road we could look over some of the beautiful homes and see golfers in action.

Then at last we found the corner we missed and in the distance was this sign.  Eureka! 

After walking down a "beach access" type walkway, it opened up onto this boardwalk running parallel to the beach.  It was gorgeous to walk on.

And we could see the waves crashing in to the shore at Oneloa Bay.

The boardwalk was below this housing community... and then the trail went across a large lava peninsula .

There were far more signs than birds here. Jokingly I said that all those signs must have scared the birds away. We never saw a single bird... not even a sea gull.

We took the shortcut across the peninsula going out... and on the way back took the triangle path out to the point and back.

When we saw this prickly pear cactus out here, Shirley and I looked at each other in surprise.

It was not that much further past the peninsula that the trail ended again for us. However we spent an extra amount of time watching these waves crashing into the rocks and splashing high... trying to catch them at the instant they were highest.

We took more photos here than we should have... but that is the benefit of digital. The colours are so tropical.

I watched this couple longer than I care to admit. They were challenging the waves... but I ran out of time to see them get soaked.

This was the closest I saw the waves come to them.

We were almost back now.  Time to call Shelby to pick us up.

As we waited for Shelby we watched this foursome tee off. It doesn't get much better than this!

Only those who have travelled to Hawaii would understand how special the "wild air" feels when you get off the plane... it hits you... and it is so wonderful to drink it in.

A special thank you to our children, who indulged us with a most awesome vacation together in Maui... the best 50th anniversary present we could ever hope for.


  1. definitely missing the wild air!

    1. We are getting some wild air here on Mayne Island now... it's wild and wet!